Games going the 3D way: Crysis 2 and De Blob 2 will also support 3D display

Published Date
14 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
14 - Jun - 2010
Games going the 3D way: Crysis 2 and De Blob 2 will also support...

As manufactures like Sony have a lot riding on the success of 3D displays, it appears that games industry has been chosen as the forerunner to sell this emerging technology to the consumers. While devices that are capable of display in 3D cost an arm-and-a-leg right now, developers are joining in good numbers to support the technology. This relationship between video-game and 3D display technology developers comes as little surprise since games are arguably the most exciting part of entertainment industry to experiment with the tech. This combination is perhaps the next best thing to virtual reality that was promised to us in the past. 

Recently, games like Avatar and Just Cause 2 had support for 3D display technology. Unsurprisingly, SCE added support for 3D display with a firmware update, followed by addition of several downloadable games with 3D capabilities to PSN Store. Among forthcoming games, SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 by SCE will ship with similar support and another forthcoming shooter, Crysis 2, will also ship with a 3D version. The desire to display that extra dimension is not confined to the developers of shooters alone. THQ has announced that the sequel to platform-puzzle game de Blob will ship with 3D display abilities. Unlike its predecessor which was a Wii exclusive, de Blob: The Underground will be released for PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, NDS and Xbox 360.

3D displays coupled with emerging motion sensing technologies may well the next bit step in gaming technology— or not. It’s a little early to call this one; however we may have a clearer picture of things to come by the end of this year's E3.