Flappy Bird creator to launch a new game called 'Swing Copters'

Flappy Bird sequel called 'Swing Copters' to be launched this week.

Published Date
19 - Aug - 2014
| Last Updated
19 - Aug - 2014
Flappy Bird creator to launch a new game called 'Swing Copters'

Dong Nguyen, the creator of massively popular Flappy Bird, is set to release a new follow up game called Swing Copters. The game will be available to download from Apple's App Store from August 21.

Swing Copters has similar game play to Flappy Bird, where users have to tap the screen to make a man wearing a "propeller hat" move left and right. You will have to dodge giant hammers and navigate ledges as you flies upwards, and will get points for every obstacle crossed.

The only difference between the two games is the direction. In Flappy Bird, users had to fly horizontally between pipes, whereas Swing Copters YouTube video shows its all about keeping your copter flying up and avoiding the barrels swinging from metal frames.

Don Nguyen, a 28-year-old Vietnam-based developer released Flappy Bird in May last year. It became the most downloaded game on the play store by Jan 2014. However Don Nguyen removed the game from the play store claiming that the games popularity had "ruined my simple life". He tweeted: "I'm sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore."

Clones of the game started appearing on the Play Store after the game was deleted, which were later rejected by Apple and Google for containing the word "Flappy" in their titles. Angry Birds developer, Rovio, also launched a Flappy Bird inspired game called 'Retry' in May. Earlier this year Nguyen had mentioned that he is planning to bring Flappy Bird back in August as a multi-player game. He stated in an interview with CNBC that in a multi player mode the game will be less addictive.

Source: TouchArcade