E3 build-up: Killzone 3, Force Unleashed 2, and Fallout: New Vegas gameplay trailer

Published Date
12 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
12 - Jun - 2010
E3 build-up: Killzone 3, Force Unleashed 2, and Fallout: New Vega...

The Force Unleashed II

Lucas Arts has released a new CG trailer of Force Unleashed II featuring the sheer awesomeness of force powers and dual-wield sabre combat. The trailer suggests that the Sith Lord Darth Vader has abandoned his apprentice and taken to cloning—Thaddeus Venture style . The game is set to release in October this year on pretty much all the platforms under the sun.



Fallout: New Vegas 

Obsidian Entertainment’s take on the popular Fallout universe is due to release in October this year. For the studio that was formed out of the remnants of the original developers of the franchise, Fallout: New Vegas must be a venture of nostalgia. Ahead on this year’s E3, which kicks-off next week, Obsidian Entertainment has released a trailer that offers a look at some of the game-play elements.



Killzone 3

The ISA and Helghast will be at each other’s throats again, only this time in much cooler temperatures. The newly released trailer features some badass melee kills, the ability to rain death from above and couple of mountable vehicles. Overall, Killzone 2 looks like more of the same—which is not necessarily a bad thing if you are a fan of the first game.