E3 2012: Temple Run gets a Disney sequel, due on June 14

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08 - Jun - 2012
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08 - Jun - 2012
E3 2012: Temple Run gets a Disney sequel, due on June 14

Temple Run, one of the most addictive games on the mobile platform, is getting a sequel that will be available on your Android and iOS devise on June 14th 2012. The sequel is based on Disney’s upcoming movie – Brave.

At E3 2012, Disney announced the licensing of the movie (Brave) property to Imangi Studios. The studio is responsible for developing the original Temple Run game.

In Temple Run: Brave, players assumes the role of Merida (the lead character from the movie) who is chased by a bear. In addition to the standard gameplay that includes running, jumping and sliding, Merida can also show off her archery skills by shooting targets along the way adding a new dimension to the already successful gameplay mechanics.

The original Temple Run is an action game developed and published by Imangi Studios. When the lead protagonist steals an idol from an ancient temple, gamers must guide the explorer (as he runs for his life) around corners, jump over blockades, and slide under objects and trees that are blocking his path. Along the way, players must collect coins, as they progress, that are elementary in accessing unlockable items. The most important challenge however is to avoid the demonic monkeys chasing you! The game is very fast paced and tests gamers’ reflexes.

Disney / Pixar has released a trailer for Temple Run: Brave that shows off its colourful avatar and the variety of gameplay mechanics.

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