E3 2012: Nvidia reveals five upcoming Tegra 3 games

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08 - Jun - 2012
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08 - Jun - 2012
E3 2012: Nvidia reveals five upcoming Tegra 3 games

E3 is all about showing off the best games you will be able to pick up in the near future for your gaming hardware. Usually the games shown off at the event are centered around three big names – Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

This year however, we have seen five cool games being revealed for the mobile gaming platform, particularly for Nvidia’s Tegra 3 hardware that is powering most of this generation’s quad-core tablets and smartphones.

Some popular devices powered by the Tegra 3 processor on which you will be able to play these games are the Asus Transformer Prime tablet, HTC One X (read our review), and the LG Optimus 4X HD.

The Nvidia Tegra 3 games showcased at E3 2012 are:

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a first person shooter that will be available on the iOS and Android platform. As shown in the trailer below, players will have access to a wide arsenal to take out zombies in a “Left for Dead” fashion. The game is being developed by Madfinger Games, the brilliant minds that brought us Shadowgun. No exact release date or price for the game has been announced but gamers can expect to get their hands on Dead Trigger by the end of 2012.

Puddle THD

Already available for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, Puddle will now be made available to Tegra 3-powered devices as well. The mechanics of the game are very simple. Players must guide the water to the targeted destination with the help of tilt controls, while avoiding the obstacles in between. Taking the power of Tegra 3 into consideration, the developers have promised higher resolution textures, advanced fluid effects, better shadows and advanced physics effects. Enjoy the trailer of the game below.

Demons’ Score THD

If music brings peace to the soul, it also brings awesomeness to gaming. Demons' Score is an action adventure game based on rhythm. Think of the game on the lines of Guitar Hero. Instead of mashing buttons to hit the musical note on an instrument, the musical note is achieved by taking down your enemy. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Bounty Arms

Speak of side scrolling action games and the first game that comes to mind is Contra. Bounty Arms looks graphically very impressive and is a side scrolling shooting game with some awesome attitude. Apart from wielding a bunch of awesome weapons, the lead character of the game will also have to navigate through dangerous environments along with taking out bad guys. Not many details are available about the game but we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Heroes Call

An RPG game developed for the touchscreen controller, Heroes Call looks reminiscent of the Diablo franchise. The game claims to be developed from the ground up for touch controls, will give players access to a large array of weapons and each hero in the game has a wide range of powers and abilities. We would love to put this claim to the test when we get our hands on the game.

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