Downloads4u sale offers up to 75% off on popular games

Diwali for all the video gamers out there has come early, if you analyze the roster of games on sale at Downloads4u

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25 - Oct - 2013
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25 - Oct - 2013
Downloads4u sale offers up to 75% off on popular games

I don't know how many of you remember Game4u's digital game download service – we spoke about it a year ago. If you've never used it, now probably is a good time to check it out. To celebrate its 1st anniversary, Downloads4u has just announced a bumper sale on select game titles in its catalogue.

They're giving huge discounts (up to 75 per cent off, in some instances) on multiple blockbuster titles. You can Grab games like Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands GOTY Edition, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and many more at up to 75 per cent off – no kidding.

This offer is only valid from October 25th (today) till October 27th (that's Sunday). And go here ( to find out more.

Check out the list of games on offer below: 

TitlesPublishersMRPDiscounted price%
Bioshock 2Take269919971.530758226
BioShock InfiniteTake299949950.0500500501
BioShock Infinite Season PassTake2129964950.038491147
Borderlands 2Take299949950.0500500501
Borderlands 2 Collector's Edition ContentTake229914950.1672240803
Borderlands 2 Season PassTake2180064963.9444444444
Borderlands Game of the Year EditionTake289949944.4938820912
Civilization IVTake249924950.1002004008
Duke Nukem ForeverTake249914970.1402805611
Mafia IITake249914970.1402805611
NBA 2K13Take269919971.530758226
Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete EditionTake239919950.1253132832
Sid Meier's Civilization V Game of the Year EditionTake299950049.94994995
Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gold Edition Take289944850.1668520578
Spec Ops: The LineTake269919971.530758226
Xcom Enemy UnknownTake249924950.1002004008
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedTake299949950.0500500501
Sid Meier's Ace PatrolTake269919971.530758226
Moto GP 13Plugin Digital99949950.0500500501
Aliens: Colonial MarinesSega330079975.7878787879
Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing Transformed Sega199949975.0375187594
Rome: Total War collectionSega69919971.530758226
Battlefield 3 Premium EditionEA3299237927.8872385571
FIFA 13EA149974950.0333555704
FIFA Manager 13EA1499104930.0200133422
Battlestations PacificSquare Enix39924937.5939849624
Dungeon Siege IIISquare Enix49924950.1002004008
Just Cause 2Square Enix49924950.1002004008
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog DaysSquare Enix49919960.120240481
Sleeping Dogs Limited EditionSquare Enix99949950.0500500501
Mini NinjasSquare Enix49914970.1402805611
Deus Ex: Game of the Year EditionSquare Enix49924950.1002004008
Deus Ex: Invisible WarSquare Enix39914962.656641604
Hitman Absolution : Professional EditionSquare Enix1499.435476121859960.0516321283
Tomb Raider Survival EditionSquare Enix749.207264341349933.3962677953

Game4u last year launched downloads4u, digital download service for PC gamers in India. The company claims the new service is the first Indian e-tailer to offer a fully integrated digital gaming platform for its customers.

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