Disney CEO reveals company's strategy for console games; talks about Marvel-based games

Published Date
10 - Feb - 2010
| Last Updated
10 - Feb - 2010
Disney CEO reveals company’s strategy for console games; talks ab...



Epic Mickey


During an investors’ call today, Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked about the company's strategy for their game development divisions, Disney Interactive Studios which was formed in 2007. In response Iger outlined their view of the consoles games market and their approach in the coming year.


Iger stated that the company will be releasing fewer games for “high-end” system; however he added that this segment may see release of Marvel based games. Speaking of the ‘other’ video games segment, Iger pointed out that games based in Disney brands tend to perform better on Nintendo platforms. Lastly, he pointed out that racing game Split/Second as one of Disney Interactive Studios' biggest titles of the coming year; along with the Epic Mickey, Tron and Toy Story 3.