Deus Ex: Human Revolution--new trailer and other details

Published Date
13 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
13 - Jun - 2010
Deus Ex: Human Revolution—new trailer and other details

Eidos Montreal, the studio working on the next instalment of Deus Ex has released a new trailer and the subsequent interviews have revealed new information on the game.

The game is now officially called Deus Ex: Human Revolution as it is set 25 years before the events of the first game when humanity has only recently developed the technology of human augmentation. 

 The game's protagonist, Adam Jensen, is a security officer working for one of the leading manufacturers of human augmentation technology, called Sarif Industries. Following an assault on the company Jensen is tasked with finding the people behind the conspiracy. The game's story will take the player across five different cities and out of those Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal have been confirmed. The game will primarily be played from a first person perspective; however the game’s camera will switch to third person view during certain instances of the game. 

Money will be used in the game to purchase weapons and augmentations; while experience points will be used to unlock skills within the augmentations. There will be a total of 15 lethal and non-lethal weapons in the game and unlike Invisible Wars each will require unique ammo. The developers have said that while the main storyline will mostly be linear; however the missions or quests can be completing in multiple ways and in varying order. Human Revolution will employ a style of conversations that the developers are referring to as “social fighting”. In this case the result will be system of proposals and rebuttals, where the key to success will be judging the reaction of the NPC who in conversation with you. In an interview with Eurogamer, the game’s producer David Anfossi, said that if the player restarts the conversation it will lead onto a different path and that the player “cannot learn the path”.

Judging by the new screenshots and several recent interviews , the developers appear to be walking a tightrope between keeping the fans of the original happy and at the same time making it relevant to the new generation of gamers. In you are hungry for even more information you can check out the game’s preview impressions posted by Eurogamer .

Deus Ex: Human revolution is set to release early next year on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the meanwhile, you can watch the game's new trailer that has officially commenced boarding of passengers on the hype train.