Dead Island Riptide gets ammo upgrades, defence hubs

Published Date
10 - Dec - 2012
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10 - Dec - 2012
Dead Island Riptide gets ammo upgrades, defence hubs

We’ve got some more interesting updates on the upcoming Dead Island Riptide game, especially those specific to the warfare scenario. In an interview with Playstation Magazine, Anthony Cardahi, Creative Producer for Deep Silver, shared some interesting insights pertaining to the defense and guns. Who doesn’t love guns?

Let’s start with the biggest and most important addition to the sequel – defence hubs. According to Cardahi, one of the most crucial things about surviving a zombie onslaught is by finding a strategic location and fortifying – sort of like “holding down the fort”. In Cardahi’s words, “They introduce something that is a classic zombie trope that you see in a lot of movies, where survivors fortify a location and try to hold on as long as they can.” The idea is to find a spot, reinforce it, and then pray to god that your team-mates are as dedicated to staying alive as you are. Team-work is of the utmost importance.

The second essential update that Techland has added to the game engine is with respect to the guns and ammo. In the first game, the emphasis was mostly on hand to hand combat, with very little emphasis on handheld weaponry. What that led to was very little ammo pick-ups, which has been a source of much frustration amongst those who have played the game (read our review). Well, Dead Island Riptide fixes this issue, with increased emphasis on firepower by introducing much more generous ammo pick-ups (especially at the beginning of a level). What have also been introduced are new “ranged” weapons along with a new shooting system.

Lastly, Cardahi dropped some details on one of the new zombies in the game. If you have been following our coverage, you would know that the zombies in Dead Island Riptide have been mutating, and we have not had any details of those mutations till now. Cardahi said that one of the new zombies, known as the “Grenadier.” This particular foe is covered in cancerous growth, which he flings at the players as bombs.

Dead Island is a zombie survival game that takes place after the events of the first game. To continue playing the madness, keep a lookout for April 23, 2013, the day Dead Island Riptide hits store shelves.



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