Crysis 3 debut gameplay trailer: Prophet gets a bow and arrow

Published Date
26 - Apr - 2013
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27 - Nov - 2018
Crysis 3 debut gameplay trailer: Prophet gets a bow and arrow

Crysis 1 was set in a jungle, Crysis 2 in the middle of New York, so what better setting for Crysis 3 than a jungle-growing in the middle of New York City. The debut gameplay trailer looks really good and shows off some unique gameplay elements and environments.

Set in 2047 New York, the Crysis 3 shows off seven environments each with its own environmental elements and varying weather conditions. Players will be stuck in the city as NYC is enclosed in a “Dome”. Crysis 3 aims to show gamers what a post apocalyptic New York may look like.

One of the signature moments in the trailer is Prophet using the bow and arrow. It seems to be the weapon of choice for stealthy silent takedowns. If you target is at a distance, the camera follows the arrow until it hits the target adding a very cool feeling to using the weapon. Some of the arrows that gamers will use will have the ability to explode upon impact not only affecting the enemy it is aimed at but some surrounding enemies as well.

Prophet will still rely on his Nano suit to give him the edge in battle against the aliens. The Nano suit is expected to have some of the same features as Crysis 2 (Read review here) such as the ability to make prophet invisible, make him hard as a rock and give him super speed. We hope Crytech takes the suit to the next level and adds some more features to it. The trailer also gives us a quick glimpse at some of the weapons that prophet will be able to wield in the game.

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The action in the trailer looks intense and we really can’t wait to get our hands on the game. Take a look at the epic gameplay reveal trailer below.


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