Check out this hot new Bioshock 2 trailer - three minutes of action!

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04 - Feb - 2010
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04 - Feb - 2010
Check out this hot new Bioshock 2 trailer - three minutes of acti...



2K Games, the developer of BioShock 2, gave American viewers of NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a 3 minute 15 second launch trailer to salivate over on Tuesday. Offering a piece of Rapture - a nice bit of cut-scene footage, the trailer is filled with breathtaking action set in the decaying underwater world of Rapture, and will really whet the appetites of BioShock fans.




The clock is ticking, BioShock 2 - one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2010 - will release on February 9th, giving fans and first-timers alike the chance to test their trigger fingers and berserker-mindsets on the game’s explosive first-person shooter combat and a brand new multiplayer section, while being drawn-in to the world of Rapture with BioShock’s compelling storytelling. Get your copy quick, and step into the boots of Big Daddy, traversing Rapture in search of answers while fighting to survive.

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