Bayonetta demo; Mass Effect 2 will have two discs; Mega Man 8-bit deathmatch

Published Date
04 - Dec - 2009
| Last Updated
04 - Dec - 2009
Bayonetta demo; Mass Effect 2 will have two discs; Mega Man 8-bit...


 Here is a round-up of some minor, yet significant gaming updates in the last couple of days.


Starting off with online stores, the English demo for Bayonetta is now available for download from the US and European PSN store; and also on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo for PS3 is a 1,664MB download and it is a 769MB download for Xbox 360. Bayonetta was released in Japan this October and we hope to see release of the English version in our territory, in January next year.


Mass Effect 2


Some new developments on the Mass Effect 2 front—according to a recent discussion thread on the official discussion forums, the game will be shipped on two discs. This was confirmed by Bioware’s community co-ordinator Chris Priestly in the same thread, and he added the reason for two discs as not being able to fit so much awesome on one disc. This is going to be true for both versions of the game—the PC version will be a typical two disc installation, with one of those functioning as a play- disc. As seen in other multi-disc releases, Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360 will require a disc swap at a certain point in the game.


Mega Man mod for Doom 2


Good news for those who like to reminisce about the glory of old-school, 8-bit pixel goodness. Community modder CutmanMike has released a public alpha of a Mega Man mod for Doom 2. Purist will be glad to know that the mod exclusively uses 8-bit textures and sprites to retain the integrity of Mega Man visual, as they were back on the NES days. The mod has been designed specifically for Deathmatches and CutmanMike has assured that the weapons will behave exactly like they did in the original side-scrolling version. Since the mod is in alpha stage there could be bus galore; however, if you would like to jump on the bandwagon sooner than others, you will find download and installation instructions here .