Batman game director on why he wears underpants on the outside

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30 - Jul - 2009
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30 - Jul - 2009
Batman game director on why he wears underpants on the outside
One of the biggest and most highly anticipated video game titles of 2009 is Batman: Arkham Asylum. Every single preview has had fans and non-fans of the caped crusader completely enthralled and asking for more. 
Eurogamer got Batmans’ game director Sefton Hill to sit down for an online chat with some of the fans. Although Hill was being unbelievably reticent about sharing any information, some little tidbits did flow out.
Sefton Hill (left, obviously) confirmed that The Joker would be playable only
on the PS 3 and there is no such exclusive content for the Xbox 360
For starters, the amount of gameplay time has finally been revealed, as well as the introduction of an upgrade system in the game.
“Depending on your skill level, [the gameplay time] can vary, but I would say you're looking at around 12-15 hours. On top of this, there are 240 Riddler secrets in the game to collect. Solving these gives you more XP which you can use to upgrade," Hill said. 
“You can then use these upgrades in the main game as well as the Challenge maps so it pays to try and solve them. Upgrades include controllable Batarangs as well as new combat moves,” he added.
One of the burning questions every Xbox 360 fan had was why the console is not going to get a playable Joker like the PS3, and whether there were plans for any similar exclusive content.
Hill squashed their hopes: “All I can say is the PS3 version has the exclusive playable Joker and there are no plans for exclusive content for any other platform.”
He also stressed that the game is heavily reliant on the story, which is not tied into any previous movie or comic book. Scripted by famed comic book writer Paul Dini and set in a pre-Robin period, fans can expect to delve deep into that Batman’s psychological aspect, Hill said.
Finally, one fan asked the question on everybody’s mind: “Do you think that in the 21st century, it is still necessary for Batman to wear underpants on the outside?”
Hill was quick to respond: “No one tells Batman what to do. He can wear his underpants wherever he likes. Unless you want to tell him different!”
Head over to Eurogamer for a full transcript of the chat.

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