ASUS unveils the power of GeForce 400 series with ENGTX470 and ENGTX480

Published Date
13 - May - 2010
| Last Updated
13 - May - 2010
ASUS unveils the power of GeForce 400 series with ENGTX470 and EN...

ASUS debuts its NVIDIA Fermi GPU lineup with two brand new hardcore gaming graphics cards, based on GeForce 470 and 480 graphic chips.

The products, named ASUS ENGTX470 and ENGTX480, are equipped with all the goodness of NVIDIA's 400 series graphics capabilities, such as DirectX 11, Shader Model 5.0, and OpenGL 4.0. This means new graphics features such as advanced tessellation for detailed objects, interactive ray tracing in real time and the latest version of NVIDIA’s PhysX can be put to full use as intended.

To enrich the processing capacity of the system, ASUS ENGTX470 and ENGTX480 further offer NVIDIA CUDA and DirectCompute parallel processing; that means the enhancement of general purpose computing, even for the non graphic applications.

From a more technical viewpoint, both of these two cards are overclocked for extremely high performance; and where the ENGTX470 offers 1215 stream processors clocked at 607MHz, the ENGTX480 provides 1401 stream processors at 700MHz clock speed. Both of the cards play on GDDR5 memory interface, offering 1280 and 1536MB Graphics RAM respectively.

ASUS promises these two cards to be phenomenally voltage tweakable and over-clock ready, for the gamers to attain 50% or more performance boost when added with powerful cooling system. In other enhancements, both the cards provide two Dual link DVI output, as well as one HDMI and one D-Sub outputs. Check out the following specification sheet to find out more about these cards.

The ASUS ENGTX470 is priced at Rs. 31,225.00 and ASUS ENGTX480 is priced Rs. 44,750.00. Both the packages contain utilities and drivers from ASUS, Design Garage, SuperSonic Sled benchmarking tool and 3 years warranty. Though, the lack of a bundled exclusive game title with a premium card like this, is nearly heart-breaking.


Graphics engineGeForce GTX470GeForce GTX480
Bus standardPCI Express® 2.0PCI Express® 2.0
Video memory1280MB GDDR51536MB GDDR5
Engine clock607MHz700 MHz
CUDA core clock1215MHz1401MHz
Memory clock3348MHz (837MHz GDDR5)3696MHz (924MHz GDDR5)
Memory interface320 bit384 bit
DVI max. resolution2560 * 16002560 * 1600
D-Sub max.  resolution2048 * 15362048 * 1536
DVI output2x native dual-link DVI-I2x native dual-link DVI-I
HDMI output1x native HDMI (Mini HDMI)1x native (Mini HDMI)
D-Sub output1x via adapter1x via adapter
HDCP compliantYesYes
Software BundledASUS utilities and drivers Design Garage and Supersonic Sled applicationsASUS utilities and drivers Design Garage and Supersonic Sled applications
NoteCard size is 10” x 5” inchCard size is 11” x 5.5” inch