10 best games that every gamer must play on a console

PC is and may still reign as the king when it comes to video games but what makes the consoles different is the ease of use and exclusive titles that aren't available for the former.

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01 - Apr - 2014
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01 - Apr - 2014
10 best games that every gamer must play on a console

While PC defined the genre of video games, it was the console that made gaming a breeze. No need of a large keyboard and mouse. All you need is an 'out of the box' controller to play. Yes, we know that PC gaming has its own strengths but you can never (as of yet) play games like Journey, God of War, Mario Galaxy, Gears of War, Halo, The Last of Us, Demon's Souls on a PC. It's is known fact now that the consoles get the best exclusives. Even cross platform games like Call of Duty, Dead Space and GTA are a delight on consoles.

Here, we give the 10 games that every one must play on consoles.

1. Wii sports
No matter what you sat about Nintendo, they know how to make a great game. Wii sports is, somehow, among the highest grossing games of all time. Quite a feat.

2. Call of Duty
This franchise began its life on the PC but it somehow managed to almost completely take over the console scene and is (or has been played) played by almost every gamer.

3. Metal Gear Solid
A franchise that is as solid as its titular main character, Solid Snake, the series somehow caught the gamers’ fancy and has been a mainstay on the PlayStation ever since.

4. Halo
The game that sold a console. Developed by Bungie for the Microsoft Xbox, Halo can be said to be single-handedly responsible for the sales of the said console.

5. Journey
“Journey isn’t a game, it’s an experience” say the harshest of critics. This sublime amalgam of art and game, a magical experience.

6. GTA V
The game maybe brand new but it’s shown console gamers true freedom in an open world that gamers are as familiar with as their own bedroom.

7. God of War
Kratos’s tale of bloody revenge and murderous bloodlust appeals to the primal savagery in every gamer’s heart. If Halo sold the Xbox, God of War sold the PS2.

8. Gran Turismo
Considered by many to be the definitive driving simulator, Gran Turismo is the very best driving simulator out there. It’s too bad that the PC has nothing like it. Yet.

9. The Last of Us
Few games have ever crossed Metacritic’s 90 mark and this is one of them. This is easily among the finest games ever made for a console.

10. Shadow of the Colossus
A game that requires patience and perseverance, Shadow of the Colossus is exhilarating and gripping at the same time.

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