Tech startups we can't wait to see in real life

By Adamya Sharma | Published on 05 Apr 2016
Tech startups we can't wait to see in real life
  • These highly innovative startups are solving some very real problems using technology and we just can't wait for them to become mainstream!

The world of technology never ceases to amaze. With startups pushing the boundries of innovation, we will soon see a burst of new products and devices that will help us solve daily problems and make our lifestyles smarter. Here's a look at some really out-of-the-box tech startups, that promise us a bright technological future.

OLO - The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer
Imagine if you could print 3D objects using just your smartphone. OLO, currently a Kickstarter crowdfunding project is attempting to make this a reality. Infact, the startup has already managed to gather $1,919,948 on Kickstarter to initiate their manufacturing process.

How it works?

The OLO 3D printer can house a smartphone inside. It will then use the light from the screen of your smartphone to harden a special Photopolymeric Resin, (material used for 3D printing) layer by layer to create the final object. Images for printing can be sourced from anywhere on the internet or OLO’s own library. There’s also an option of 3D printing images captured by your smartphone’s camera. Olo has different resins for different jobs and if wanted, it can print both hard and flexible objects. It even has a castable resin that can be fused to create objects in Silver and Gold or other casting metals. Neat, isn’t it? Check out OLO in action below.

Codeybot: New Robot Who Teaches Coding, Dances & Entertains

Robots are no longer the future. They are already lending a huge helping hand to the manufacturing industry in the world and now, they are at the brink of becoming a household name. Codeybot is one such robot designed to help children become future ready by learn coding with some fun. With a goal of $100,000, this fun-loving yet educational bot is also listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding.

How it works?

Codeybot is an educational robot who teaches basic programming through an array of interactive features. Children have an option of coding Codeybot's LED display, or programming a route, dance or adventure for him. The bot can also be a source of entertainment and encourages connectivity through his wifi music speakers, dancing capabilities, and a special battle mode. Way better than having your children sit in front of a TV all day! Watch this cool video and see the true potential of Codeybot.

Clairy: The Natural Air Purifier

Deteriorating air quality is a big concern for those of us who live in polluted metros and industrial cities. Now, there are a bunch of air purifiers available in the market, but none like Clairy -  the natural air purifier. Clairy is a startup and a noble one at that. Until now Clairy’s founders have seen immense success in gathering funds for their goal of €89,200. Wait till you see how it works.

How it works?

Clairy makes the idea of bulky plastic air purifiers redundant by using plants as Bio-filters. Roots and soil of the plant generate colonies of microorganisms that trap and filter the toxic agents in the air in a natural way. So, all you’ll need to do is get a plant or two for your house instead of making space for ugly-looking purifier machines. Designed in Italy, Clairy is a dual-part ceramic flowerpot. Inside the larger flowerpot, a technology unit combined with a fan directs the air from inside your home to the roots of the plant to be detoxified and eventually released. Here’s a look at Clairy.

Oombrella - unforgettable umbrella

Umbrellas are one of the most commonly forgotten accessories, but what if your umbrella was smart enough to remind you to pick it up? Introducing Oombrella, the smart, connected umbrella. Even though the idea behind this startup is simple, it solves one of the most commonly experienced problem using technology.

How it works?

Oombrella can not only send you notifications on your smartphone that remind you to pick it up, it also give you rain alerts thanks to the temperature, pressure, humidity and light sensors that are integrated into the handle. Furthermore, Oombrella is also UV resistant and windproof! Check out this cool umbrella in the video below.

Fontus - The Self Filling Water Bottles

Fontus is another startup looking to solve one of the most basic problems in life - filling a water bottle. If you are on a hike or a picnic, what do you do when your bottle runs out of water? Most of us look for the nearest shop to buy a bottle or a public dispenser to get a refill. Not these guys. These folks over in Irvine, USA decided to create water out of thin air. Literally.

How it works?

The Fontus water bottle is a device designed to capture the moisture contented in the air, condense it and store it as safe drinking water. A small fan resting in the bottle draws the air from the surrounding environment, runs it through a special filter and presses it into the condensation chamber. After that, a series of small coolers bring the moisture contained in the air to condense on special surfaces. The resultant liquid water then drops into the bottle´s main body and is stored for use. the lower section of the bottle is designed to carry little capsules, which dissolved in the harvested water, initiate a process of re-mineralization. This process makes it possible to produce fresh mineral water and give your body everything it needs! Thirsty anyone? Check out Fontus in action below.

We can’t wait to check out these cool and highly innovative products. Let us know what you think of this list. If you are a tech startup don’t shy away from writing in and sharing your journey with us.
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