SUMo v2.9.2 [Download of the Day]

By Harmanpreet Singh | Updated 5 May 2014
SUMo v2.9.2 [Download of the Day]

Obsolete software is one of the primary bugs that frustrate and infect mind and machine. Although most applications come with automatic update notifications these days, but what about those that don’t, and those that can’t? A very old codec pack, outdated version of a game, and an outright obsolete Java library were some of the many outdated software on our machine, that were brought to our kind notice by SUMo (short for Software Update Monitor), the friendly neighbourhood free utility.



The process is simple

• One step to scan all the software on your system. The scan picked up software from all nooks and corners of our PC. The software is sure backed by a very comprehensive database.
• Second to check the availability of updates. This too was accurate beyond all expectations. All applications are categorized under ‘Up-to-date’, ‘Minor-update’ or ‘Major-update’
• You can then manually select what software needs an update. The ‘Get update’ button takes you to SUMo’s site, where there is an analysis of all versions of the software (percentage of users using a particular version), and the link to the publisher’s site is provided to download the latest version.

The makers of this software have obviously done a good job, not just at creating this application, but also at maintaining the database consisting of infinite others. We also liked that ‘SUMo’ was also in the list of software that the scan picked for checking updates. Humility, we call it!


Get SUMo here. For other Download of the Day software, go here.

Harmanpreet Singh

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