Databinding in Windows 8 JavaScript Metro style Apps

By Amrit K Singh | Updated 16 May 2012
Databinding in Windows 8 JavaScript Metro style Apps

A very welcome feature embedded in the new JavaScript Windows Metro style app templates in the Visual Studio 11 beta is that they accommodate built-in support for databinding, using sample data in a JSON array. People who have XAML world background might not see this as a particularly big deal, since Silverlight and WPF have supported databinding for a long time. 

G. Andrew Duthie in this blog titled "Databinding in Windows 8 JavaScript Metro style Apps" introduces you to databinding in Windows 8 JavaScript Metro style apps. This Microsoft Developer Evangelist in this article covers the basics of the databinding implementation. 
It is easy and straightforward, and having a template that provides a clear implementation with sample data can help you get started with your own application. 
To read this blog and some other additional resources that will help you dig deeper into databinding in JavaScript Metro style apps visit:
Amrit K Singh

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