CrossLoop v2.73 [Download of the Day]

By Harmanpreet Singh | Updated 5 May 2014
CrossLoop v2.73 [Download of the Day]

CrossLoop is a remote desktop service that allows you to fetch help or collaborate over the internet by sharing your desktop or accessing someone’s desktop. Keeping in mind that the target audience might be n00bs stuck in the middle of an ocean, CrossLoop sports an awfully simple and minimalistic interface. Sharing desktops doesn’t get easier than how CrossLoop does it, which is the reason that it stands out, and stands in our Download of the Day list. 


'Share' or 'Access' - as simple as it gets

There are two options to share desktops. Either you can send your ‘access code’ to your friend and let him see your screen. OR. You can enter the ‘access code’ and take the reins of another desktop. Moving your mouse will then also move the mouse on the remote desktop, and your keyboard shall be able to type. We liked that fact that even though the software asks you to create a free account, the step can be skipped and you can still work with CrossLoop right out of the box.

CrossLoop in action

CrossLoop also encrypts all the data it sends, using a 128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. You can use the free version to connect to one unattended desktop at one time. You can reduce the size of the image of the desktop that is sent across, for faster access over slow networks.

Another aspect of this software is the CrossLoop Marketplace, where you can find professionals to help you over CrossLoop and charge accordingly. Ah! CrossLoop is an awesome application, but paying money to someone to tinker with your PC is pretty un-geeky.


For all other fabulous things that you can do with it, download CrossLoop’s latest free version here.

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Harmanpreet Singh

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