6 websites and apps to help keep your New Year's resolutions

By Prakrit Dhondiyal | Updated 11 Jan 2014
6 websites and apps to help keep your New Year's resolutions
  • In our age of technology, there are several ways to make sure that you keep your word. Read on to know how to use tech as your Resolution sponsor.

Admit it – you’ve chickened out of your new year’s resolutions more often than you’d like. It’s not your fault. Human beings were born with a natural tendency to go back on their word. Geeks, even more so.

Who has the time to worry about keeping promises and resolutions when there’s that new gadget to check out, and all those backed up games to play? Even if it’s a promise made to yourself and for your own good, no one would blame you.

The first step towards overcoming a problem is accepting that there is one.
The second step: breaking it down.
What would you need to make sure you keep your commitment to your resolution?
Answer: Motivation, support and reinforcement.

How do you get all that?
Answer: Either enter a reality show, or be a true geek, tap into your second nature take advantage of all that technology around you!

Here are some undramatic (well, mostly undramatic) apps and websites that make sure you stay true to yourself. Take an example from the Dead Men of Dunharrow and stick to your oaths.
He made an oath. It was made by one who is dead. And the dead keep it.
If you’re bad at something, never do it for free. StickK is a website that makes you put your money where your mouth is. Unfulfilled goals at stickK leads to monetary dissatisfaction. If you have a goal to keep, log in your parameters, and bet on it. Failure to meet these parameters within a pre-negotiated time would lead to your money being given away to charity foundations, relatives you don’t like, or anything that would motivate you to not lose that money. 

Need to be more fit but can’t quite pull it off? Get this social fitness networking app to keep a tab on your exercise routine. RunKeeper maintains a record of the distance you’ve run, your own personal stats and also offers a comparison with people close by and friends.

43 Things
43 Things is an open forum for you to list out your goals in life. What makes this any different than a notepad? A notepad is incapable of cheering you on. 43 Things posts your updates and comments and allows people to cross-comment and cheer you on, giving you that small push to go all the way with your goals.
The Cessation Nation
Is your standard unsuccessful new years resolution to quit smoking (around the 5th unsuccessful year in a row)? Well, maybe it’s time you joined the 2,20,000 citizens of the Cessation Nation. Although it’s an attempt to turn America into a smoke-free nation, the Cessation nation’s citizens pan worldwide, inspiring several hundreds of thousands of smokers. 

What’s better than being better? Being SUPERbetter. This website converts your life and goals into an online browser text-based RPG. Based on your goals, you are handed quests and bad guys. Depending on how fast and effectively you pass over your obstacles, you’re awarded XP and trait upgrades. Definitely effective for gamers with low self-commitment issues! Onward and upward, fair elf!

Definitely one of the coolest goal websites ever. Upload your Goal, the parameters to achieving it and set a deadline, along with a socially compromising photograph of yourself, along with trusted access to your social networking websites. Need one say any more?  Self-blackmail your way to successful goals, because there’s no bigger motivation than facebook embarrassment – or is there?
Prakrit Dhondiyal

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