5 cool features to look forward to on the Windows 10 Fall Update

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 13 Jun 2017
5 cool features to look forward to on the Windows 10 Fall Update
  • At Build 2017, Microsoft announced the fall update for Windows 10 and it boasts of some pretty cool features. Here are 5 of them to look forward to.

At Build 2017 Microsoft announced that the fall update for Windows 10 would come...well...in the fall. No specific release date has been mentioned, but information circulating the internet suggests that it will release in November. Microsoft did show off some cool features that will be a part of the fall update. Here is a look at five of them.


Windows Story Remix: A new way to transform your photos and videos

Built on .NET and distributed through the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Application, Story Remix uses AI and deep learning to organize and transform your photos and videos into stories. It will use the Microsoft Graph to connect you and your friends across devices. Story Remix brings your photos and videos together to create stories, with a soundtrack, theme, and cinematic transitions. You can also create mixed reality by adding 3D objects to your photos and videos to tell stories in a whole new way.

Cross device experience/Pick up where you left off


To use “Pick up where you left off” users will have to download Cortana on their iOS and Android device. If you are working on your PC, and have a doc that you are editing, you can pick up where you left off on your iOS or Android device. Sure, a doc isn't the best example as it works with Office 365, but you get the idea. It will work with apps, docs, websites and more. 


Put simply, this works like Time Machine does on a Mac. The Windows blog elaborates on Timeline by saying, “With Timeline in Windows 10, you can now jump back in time to find what you were working on. With a visual timeline that displays what you were doing when, you can easily hop back into files, apps, and sites as if you never left.”



This is like copying content on one device and pasting it on another. For example, if you copied an address on your PC, you can log onto your iPhone and if you have Swiftkey installed, then with pick up where you left off, you can directly paste that text into, let's say, Google Maps to get directions. It's like starting a sentence on one device and ending it on another. Now, we have seen this feature work seamlessly between iOS and Macs, but the fact that Clipboard works between iOS, Android and Windows is pretty cool. You will need Swiftkey for it to work though.


Onedrive file on demand

Access all your files in the cloud without having to download them and use storage space on your device. You can read all the features on Onedrive in detail here.

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