Super-slim and razor-thin

By Promotion | Updated 13 Jul 2016
Super-slim and razor-thin
  • At just 9.6mm thin and a rad design, the Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is truly a treat for the eyes.

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim, true to its name is an ultra slim portable drive. The company claim it to be the world's slimmest 2TB hard drive. The drive uses Seagate’s latest technology in the ultra-mobile Hard Drive technology, making it half as thin as other external drives with similar storage. The device is available in 2 colours — Gold and Platinum — both of which look great with the sleek & slim design of the drive.


The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim Drive comes with an attractive design that is aesthetically very pleasing. The top of the device comes with a metallic finish. The beehive pattern on the top of the device is very minimalistic and clean, making the product very attractive compared to the somewhat duller designs we usually see on hard drives. The top left corner on top of the device has a LED light indicator which glows when connected to a machine. The back of the device, which most manufacturers ignore, gets the Seagate treatment and attention to detail — slight round treads at the back, which not only look good but also help with the grip while holding a device.

The device comes in 2 storage variants — 1TB and 2TB — which help users safely store up to 320,000 photos, 500,000 songs, or 240 hours of high definition video in their pocket. The drive has Seagate’s Dashboard software, which gives users to setup scheduled or one click on-demand backups or even create a customized backup plan as they require. This allows users to schedule backups for when it’s the most convenient. This, in turn, helps users use the product as a backup drive too. Users also get 200GB of Cloud Storage on OneDrive for two years. The drive is simple to use and supports plug & play making it compatible with both PC and Mac. The drive also comes with 2 years of warranty which ensures users a peace of mind in the event of failure after they purchase the device. 

Owing to its sleek design and compact dimensions, the device is great for users on the move, fitting into the jeans pocket or even into smaller handbags/purses. Overall, this fits right into the modern design standards with Laptops and mobile phones, getting more thinner, this device is just right with its unique sleek design into that sort of Tech lifestyle.With the ample storage available, users can carry their audio or video library together and listen to “that” song or playing inside their head or watch the old movie to bring back some fond memories. This device is available in India — starting at Rs.5699/- for the 1TB variant and Rs.8399/- for the 2TB variant.


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