Canon P-201 : The Ultra Compact, Portable Scanner

Canon P-201 : The Ultra Compact, Portable Scanner

Sponsored Post | 15 Dec 2017

Scanning and saving digital copies of documents is one of the most useful but overlooked benefits of living in the Information Age. By digitally scanning a document, not only do you have access to it at all times, but also have a backup in case you lose your originals. That is why many services like banking and government institutions push for digital copies over physical ones. However, the bulkiness of most modern scanners make them extremely impractical to carry around. This makes it quite a hassle for those who have to travel door-to-door and obtain copies of documents and IDs as part of their routine. Most of the times, they are left with no other option but to ask for physical copies, which are then scanned back in their offices. 

This is where the Canon P-201 scanner comes into play. The P-201 is a light scanner — ideal for those on the move and who want a small scanner that doesn’t take a lot of space. Haven’t made your mind up? Take a look at this infographic where we tell you how useful a traveling companion the Canon P-201 is.

As you can see, the Canon P-201 offers the golden combination of portability, ease of use and versatility to create the ideal personal scanner. If you are looking for a scanner that you can carry around with you or a small, yet versatile scanner that won’t take up too much desk space, the Canon P-201 is definitely something you should consider.

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