Here’s how to choose the right gaming monitor

By Sponsored | Published on 26 Dec 2017
Here’s how to choose the right gaming monitor
  • Investing in a high quality monitor like the LG 24GM79 & LG 34UC79G ensures not only a better gaming experience but other additional benefits as well.

When it comes to gaming, having the best gear can be the difference between being a good gamer, and a great gamer. When it comes to upgrading their gaming rig, most gamers tend to look towards getting a newer GPU, or even a newer processor. However, a top notch gaming monitor can also help you augment your skills, especially if you game online a lot. After all, the monitor is how you see the game world and having a high quality device do more than just make things look pretty.

Investing in a high quality monitor like the LG 24GM79 & LG 34UC79G ensues that not only do you get to enjoy gaming in high quality, but also enjoy other benefits such as reduced blurring, screen tearing, and more. All of these can seriously hamper your gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the features you need to look out for when buying a new gaming monitor.

Response Time

As a gamer, you will need a monitor that offers a fast response and refresh rate. Pixel response rate is the time taken by a pixel to switch between colours. The faster this switch happens, the  better the monitor is in general. A low pixel response time helps cut down on the blurring that happens when pixels are switching between colours. As a result, you get a smoother overall experience. Just what you need when playing fast paced action games such as first person shooters. A regular monitor usually offers a response time of 5ms, However, with Motion Blur Reduction Technology, LG’s gaming monitors are able to offer response time of 1ms. So if you’re into eSports, the LG 24GM79 is a monitor you should consider.

Refresh rate

A refresh rate is the time it takes for a monitor to redraw an entire screen. The higher the refresh rate is, the better. Monitors with slow refresh rates have trouble displaying fast paced action scenes, wherein they look blurry and unnatural. Gaming monitors like the LG 24GM79 & 34UC79 offer refresh rates as high as 144Hz. This means that you’ll get less screen tearing when playing games, which is pretty important when it comes to immersion. The last thing you need when playing a good game is the monitor to show screen tearing and pull you out of the experience. Not only that, but a higher refresh rate also gives you a slight edge over the competition when you are battling it out on multiplayer.

Panel size and resolution

When it comes to displays, bigger is usually better. A 24-inch panel, like the one found on the LG 24GM79 should be enough for most  gamers considering how close gamers sit to a monitor. Another thing you can consider an an ultra wide monitor like the LG 34UC79G. These monitors have an aspect ratio of 21:9, instead of 16:9 used by traditional monitors. As a result, you get a much wider viewing angle. This helps to immerse gamers into the game as the monitor takes up more of their vision.

Additional features

Besides this, a gaming monitor should also come with some additional features that should augment a gamer’s ability. The LG gaming monitors also come with a bunch of other gaming centric features such Black Stabiliser, Dynamic Action Sync (DAS), and custom gaming modes. Black Stabiliser increases brightness in dark areas, thereby helping you spot an enemy that might be hidden there. DAS keeps things running smooth, something that every gamer should appreciate. Another feature of the monitors is custom gaming modes such as FPS or RTS. These features let the user quickly set up the monitor for specific game types such as FPS or RTS gaming. 

Ports and Ergonomics

When you are buying a monitor for gaming, its a very good Idea to invest in one that offers a display port along with an HDMI port. This will let you make the best of all the features. Furthermore, make sure that your monitor features a height adjustment stand as this lets you adjust the height. This ensures optimal seating position, just what you need when gaming for hours on end. Protection Status