Majority Indians trust cloud storage with their data

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 08 Aug 2012
Majority Indians trust cloud storage with their data

A number of cloud storage services such as Google Drive have been launched in the recent past. Companies are offering consumers a single platform on the web where they can store all the data they want and also can sync anywhere, with any device. Cloud storage services are usually available for a fee, though many providers are now providing free offers.

Cloud-based storage services are getting popular day by day with the companies touting these services as the safest and most easily accessible. Cloud storage services are cheap and come with back up services and recovery systems. Unlike physical storage, they require almost zero maintenance.

The major push for cloud services, however, comes from the enterprise segment, especially the small medium businesses. The cloud gives them many advantages such as they have to pay for the storage they actually use and spend less on maintenance.

But at the same time, there have been a number of concerns related to the cloud storage. Privacy and security have evolved as the major concern area. People are apprehensive about sharing their information with the cloud storage providers. Despite increasing popularity, reality is a huge number of users still deem the cloud services as risky.

Last week, we had sought your take on the matter. We asked you, “Do you trust cloud storage to keep your data safe?” Well, out of a total 758 respondents, majority 266 (34 percent) said they considered cloud storage safe.

However, as many as 171 (23 percent) respondents said they did not trust cloud storage. Moreover, 163 people (22 percent) said they are not using cloud storage, while 158 votes (21 percent) were cast for 'nothing can be termed safe'.

The poll results are clear indications of the fact that more people are now looking to switch over to the cloud services. But that being said, the service providers need to work on many aspects such as addressing privacy concerns and keeping it consistently affordable to ensure cloud storage gains major prominence in the near future.

We would like to thank our readers for their overwhelming response to our weekly polls. Now it's time for this week's poll question – “Are you using mobile 3G services in India?” Let us know what you think about the current status of mobile 3G coverage in the country. You can also participate in our weekly poll on Facebook.

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