Here’s how you can use Amazon Pantry for express grocery delivery within 24 hours

By Adamya Sharma | Updated 5 Jun 2017
Here’s how you can use Amazon Pantry for express grocery delivery within 24 hours
  • Amazon Pantry has now expanded to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and Faridabad. Here's how you can use the online grocery ordering service.

Amazon Pantry, the ecommerce giant’s online grocery store, has been quickly expanding base in India. As of now, the Amazon Pantry is open for deliveries in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and Faridabad. What you get is an online grocery ordering service that promises to deliver properly boxed orders upto 15 Kgs in weight, at a delivery charge of Rs. 20. Services like Amazon Pantry are gaining momentum now more than ever, especially in the wake of demonitisation and a push for digital payments. So if you live in any of the above mentioned cities, this is how you can use the online grocery service from Amazon.


What can I order?

At Amazon Pantry, you can purchase cooking essentials, household supplies, personal care products, baby products, and even pet supplies. Amazon is currently running launch offers wherein any orders above Rs. 1000 will get a discount of 5% and those above Rs. 2000 will get a discount of 10%. Amazon also offers pre-made boxes for breakfast products, party essentials, beauty regimens and continental food boxes. Users can choose products of their choice within these set boxes.

How do I fill up my Amazon Pantry box?

Amazon allows customers to fill up the Amazon Pantry box with 15Kgs worth of products. These could be any products from the above mentioned categories. Amazon takes into account the dimensions of products in terms of packaging size and weight, and shows users the percentage of space left in the box as they add more products to it. Customers can choose to fill up their boxes as much as they want, and this does not have any impact on the cost of delivery, which is set to Rs. 20 per box.

When are products delivered?

Amazon says that Pantry boxes are delivered within 24 hours of placing the order. No other Amazon products can be clubbed with pantry orders, and the same are delivered separately.  


Is it possible to set up a subscription for Amazon Pantry boxes?

Yes, you also have an option of repeating the purchase of your past orders. This should be convenient for those who have a pre-fixed grocery order every month.

Does Amazon Pantry have any benefits for Amazon Prime members?

In the US, Amazon Pantry is only available for Prime members. In India though, Amazon has made the service available to all members of the platform. For Amazon Prime members in India, the Pantry service will have no delivery charges, as part of an introductory offer.


Is Amazon Pantry expanding to more cities in India?

Yes, Amazon plans to expand Pantry services to more cities in the future. The project was earlier introduces as a pilot programme in Hyderabad. Amazon India’s director for category management, consumables told ToI, "We have seen multiple times growth in sub -categories of this segments such as household, baby products, personal care. It also gives us the buying pattern of users who are shopping for these products.” So yes, Amazon’s FMCG push is expected to give some tough competition to the likes of Grofers and Big Basket, in the near future.

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