A look at Ford Sync 2.0 on the Ford Endeavour

By Hardik Singh | Updated 8 Jun 2016
A look at Ford Sync 2.0 on the Ford Endeavour
  • The Ford Endeavour's SYNC 2 can be used entirely using voice controls

The new Ford Endeavour is a powerful SUV and comes with a range of powerful Diesel engines. While the 4x4 (all wheel drive) is made to traverse rough roads and highways with ease, the insides of the car is equally appealing. On the inside, Ford has equipped the Endeavour with its Ford SYNC infotainment system. This is an intelligent system that can be controlled via voice commands. We had the chance to try Ford SYNC on the Endeavour, here’s an overview.


Parallel parking assist

While this isn’t part of Ford Sync, parallel parking assist is perhaps the most important feature of the Ford Endeavour. This allows the car to automatically detect a parking spot and then park. You have to press a button, which will prompt the car to scan the road ahead of you. It will then find a parallel parking spot, and tell you to drive up to that spot. When you reach the spot, you’ll be directed to let go of the steering wheel.

From here on, you will be asked only to control the throttle, while the car steers itself. It’s a semi-auto parallel park assist, but in our experience, it always worked.

Seamless connectivity


On the new Ford Endeavour, Ford Sync 2.0 offers seamless connectivity via your smartphone. It can connect via your bluetooth and the system can connect to multiple phones at the same time. Also, since the car has its own WiFi receiver, you can update the firmware from any accessible WiFi hotspot.

Calling while driving


Users can make and receive calls directly from the car, without reaching for their phones. If you have a paired phone and step inside the car while on a call, it can automatically transfer the call to Ford SYNC as soon as you turn on the engine. SYNC also downloads your contact list each time you drive and does not store anything.

Listen to text messages

The intelligent SYNC system can read out your text messages to you and can even understand emoticons and abbreviations, such as LOL or LMAO.

Music on the go


Ford Sync can play audio from your phone via bluetooth or USB. Further, if you have organised your music right, you will be able to play specific tracks through voice commands.

Easy access

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