Disney working on live action Star Wars series

Rian Johnson, who is currently working on The Last Jedi, will continue his association to work on a new Star Wars trilogy as well.

Published Date
10 - Nov - 2017
| Last Updated
20 - Dec - 2017
Disney working on live action Star Wars series

Disney is working on a Star Wars trilogy that follows the current set of movies. In a financial call, Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Company, said that Rian Johnson, the man behind The Last Jedi (the upcoming movie) is going to work on his own trilogy. Iger also said that Disney will be developing a live action television show for Star Wars, that’s meant for the company’s upcoming streaming service.

Further, a report by Variety says that Disney is also working on shows around Monsters Inc, High School Musical and other series based on the Marvel universe. Disney has already confirmed that it will be pulling Star WarsWhere to buy 2712 movies from Netflix, putting them on its own streaming service instead. All the shows mentioned here are also being prepared for that same service.

While there haven’t been any live action shows for Star WarsWhere to buy 2712 yet, Lucasfilms has used smaller animated shows to expand the Star Wars universe. Known as The Clone Wars, the story in the animated series will be set between Star Wars Episode II and Episode III. The Clone Wars ran between 2008 and 2015. Also, the last season of Star Wars Rebels began just last month.

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