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By Digit Desk | Updated on 10-Aug-2022
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 15 Sep, 2012
Official Website : Sony

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Sony DSC-RX100 Price in India: ₹ 25,999 (onwards)

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Digit Rating for Sony DSC-RX100

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  • pros
  • Compact form factor
  • Large 1-inch sensor for great image quality
  • Fast f/1.8 aperture allows low light shooting
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • cons
  • Lack of ergonomic grip
  • Control ring doesn't have stops, so rotating it feels a little arbitrary
  • No hot shoe for external flash
  • No optical viewfinder

Digit Verdict: Sony DSC-RX100 Review

By Swapnil Mathur

The Sony DSC-RX100 is by no means a DSLR replacement, but it is definitely a strong companion for those who are used to DSLR-like quality and features. There's a lot to love about the RX100 like the compact form factor, the control ring on the lens, the fast aperture and the larger than usual sensor. While the camera does offer a large f/1.8 aperture, the maximum aperture changes rather quickly to higher numbers the further one zooms, going all the way to f/4.9.

Sony DSC-RX100 Price in India

Sony DSC-RX100 Price In India Starts From Rs.25999 The best price of Sony DSC-RX100 is Rs.25999 on Flipkart.

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Sony DSC-RX100 Full Specifications

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Sony DSC-RX100 Brief Description

The Sony DSC-RX100 is by no means a DSLR replacement, but it is definitely a strong companion for those who are used to DSLR-like quality and features. There's a lot to love about the RX100 like the compact form factor, the control ring on the lens, the fast aperture and the larger than usual sensor. While the camera does offer a large f/1.8 aperture, the maximum aperture changes rather quickly to higher numbers the further one zooms, going all the

way to f/4.9.

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Sony DSC-RX100 Price in India updated on 10th Aug 2022

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Sony DSC-RX100 now available in India

Good things come to those who wait and we have been VERY good! The Sony DSC-RX100 has finally landed on Indian shores, according to Sony India. The RX100 is an advanced point and shoot camera...

Sony announces the enthusiast DSC-RX100 camera, with 20MP CMOS sensor

In the midst of the E3 ruckus, Sony has come forward and announced the DSC-RX100, a compact camera for enthusiasts that would sport a 1-inch CMOS sensor. The sensor, almost four times as big as...

Sony launches Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II for Rs. 42,990 in India

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Sony DSC-RX100 User Reviews

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  • Terrific
    Shagin V on | 20-06-2019

    best picture clarity

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  • Terrific
    Tirtha Banerjee on | 01-05-2018

    I bought this camera about a month ago and this is my experience so far. (I am not going to tell the specifications as other people have already mentioned it) The Zeiss sensor and lens is just awesome. The picture quality in day light is similar to dslr. In low light situation also the images are very crisp and clear. If you zoom fully then image might blur a little but if you use a tripod or put your camera very steady then images are very clear. Video quality is full hd and I have played one in my 32 inch full hd tv and it's exceptionally clear. Sound capture is also very good. The camera is very compact so you can put it into your pocket (unless you are having really small pockets) and take ut anywhere you please. The camera screen is also very sharp. Overall it's a great compact camera to have. Portability, crisp picture and full hd video are the main uso if this camera. You can definitely buy this if those are your priority. Highly recommended.

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  • Better than a DSLR in certain aspects
    Rahul Deviah on | 01-01-2014

    Simply put, this is the best point & shoot camera on the market right now... perhaps only the RX100 II is slightly better... Comparing it to any APS-C DSLR ... picture quality is amazing... easily equal in good light... and only slightly lagging in low light... maybe 1½ stops difference at best... Video is stellar! The sheer level of detail recorded in full HD in any environment including low light has to be seen to be believed... In this category the RX100 gets the better of most DSLR's with the exception of perhaps the recently introduced Canon 70D... Autofocus is incredibly fast and intuitive... it locks on instantaneously... and almost never misses no matter the situation... Sony seem to have integrated a very high quality Carl Zeiss lens into this model... the sharpness is brilliant... including the edges... even shots at full zoom are head over heels superior to the standard 18-55mm lens you get with most DSLR's... Build quality is fantastic... feels like premium quality in your hand... full aluminum... not your typical plastic P&S experiences... And the best part is that you can slip it into your pant or coat pocket without any problem... always good for discreet photography...

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  • Size Does Matter
    Rajendra Bhamare on | 01-11-2013

    I bought this Camera during Diwali Sale. As usual Flipkart delivered before promised date, Thanks Flipkart. I always wanted to have DSLR, but did not want the big baggage that comes with it. With two kids I always have to carry lot of baggage during travel/site seeing, water bottles, snacks, my phone, wife’s phone, kids tab etc. So any additional baggage was stick No-No. Then I found RX100 which promised very close to DSLR performance but without baggage. Since Canon DSLR 600D was available for almost similar price, It was very difficult to decide on DSLR vs this. Read lots of reviews and saw samples on internet and I decided to go for it. While reading reviews about this, I liked a comment by one reviewer "The best Camera is the one with you". After 10 days of usage and 1000+ photos of each and every object near and far, lighted and dark, I am fully satisfied with my decision to purchase RX100. Pros: 1.Size does matter. I can carry this in pocket anywhere and comeback with great photos.It’s very small, really compact camera for the features and options it provides. Options give you good control over electronics and optics system. 2.Feature I like most is background defocus, BULB, , i, i+ and manual mode :) 3.Images are as good as DSLR. Portraits, Macros and Landscape. 4.Could read distance sign boards in Landscape photographs that was not visible to naked eyes. 5.Extremely satisfied with low light photography. Could photograph a magazine cover in candle light from 10ft distance without flash and could ready everything. With 10s shutter speed and tripod. Photo came out as if flash was used.(Though small noise is visible) 6.Video quality is very good. Have not explored many options on videos yet. Cons: 1.Flash location, most of the time you will forget that flash is goanna pop-up below your finger where you will hold this naturally on left top edge. 2.Panorama mode could be improved. Rajendra

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  • Great image quality in a super small size
    Aniruddha Apte on | 01-07-2013

    You will take more photos with this camera. Why? since it is so much more smaller than DSLR's you will not hesitate to carry it with you. Most people become lazy after their dslr is no longer new and don't carry it with them. Not in this case. The image quality compares well with a dslr. It is amazing how much sony has fit into such small a package. Build quality, material, metals, plastics, knobs are very well made and feel good to touch. If you are a beginner then then the menus and options will take time to get used to. It will be worthwhile to invest in books such as the ones listed below that explain the camera in detail. Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100. This is available as e-book/pdf download. The Complete Guide to Sony's Cyber-Shot RX-100. This is available in print.

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  • Near DSLR experience
    Vineet Dhar on | 01-03-2013

    I purchased this cam since I hate the bulk of a DSLR while I love the image quality. There has to be a correlation between the size of the sensor and the size of the camera, which I think this camera perfectly achieves, while keeping the price..well..lets say okayish. Landscape Jpegs are pretty good straight out of the camera, but I must conceed that this cam does not generate enough bokeh to be interesting enough, which is understandable given the 1" sensor size. An APS C sensor in such a body would be any camera lover's delight( along with a zoom lens of say f1.4 to 5.6)...but i guess thats taking it a bit too far..:). Build quality is impeccable, just one minor itch being the flash position. Manual controls are a delight too. Am satisfied with the video quality also. All in all, a wonderful piece of engineering. This can be a perfect companion to someone out on a city trip or a vacation, but incase you want those long zooms for jungle safari or animal sanctualry trips or you want those perfect shallow DOF portraits..look elsewhere...

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  • A Pocket DSLR
    anand kumar on | 01-01-2013

    there is no better point and shoot camera right now on Planet. very good low light performance, fast auto focus, great manual control on video recording. little expensive but overall if comes to features and image quality it is as good as mid range DSLR.

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  • Just about there
    Prashant Kashyap on | 01-11-2012

    I own this camera and hence, I am not going to write about pros, cons, technical specs. I will write about real experience. It's not meant for average point and shoot folks. It's targetted at Professionals needing a point and shoot camera. First, if you put it on Auto or i+ Auto mode then you will have 80% of your shots come out really well even in dark. The only problem is that when you click in dark - the focus is way off. There is a simple solution around it - put it on manual. ISO performance is rather good for a camera of this size and ilk. Photographs are really well exposed and colors are controlled across the spectrum. In the video mode, you must tinker with the settings because the Auto mode just doesn't have enough intelligence to keep zooming in and adjusting the scene. It simply becomes dark as you zoom in. Auto ISO just doesnt work. Put it on higher ISO and then zoom - it would be all great. Videos at HD are just kickass. At Full HD - you will run out of all your storage space so you better stick to 720p. It takes getting used to the controls especially the ring adjustment but once you do - it's a breeze. The grip is okay. It wont slip out of hands but it's not comfortable either. Well, that's probably the sacrifice that you make for having this beast of a camera in your pocket. Another thing - it's not really pocketable in the truest sense of the word. Yes, you can put it in your pocket but it's slightly heavy and the lens is quite big and protrudes a little. It's quite comfortable in the jeans pockets. Flash is really good for the size. Doesnt cause red eye most of the time. Is able to illuminate during night and is very effective for fill flash during the day. Only gripe is that for subjects farther than about 5 feet - it doesnt light up evenly. Well, maybe it's not meant to do that trick. At 35k, it's a not for everyone. If you are seriously concerned about quality and want the fastest point and shoot camera in the world at this moment - go and buy it. You won't regret it. Just don't expect Pro grade SLR quality.

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  • SLRs are only for Santa Claus
    Gaurav Upadhyay on | 01-10-2012

    The RX100 from Sony is simply the best point and shoot camera in the word today, the best point and shoot every built. Don't trust me? Just google it out and then you will. I'll keep the review and comparison short, won't get much technical, so just 2 things for the RX100 : 1) SLR quality images, even tough, 2) it fits in your pocket. But if you are someone who is okay with carrying a few KGs of baggage (including SLR camera, lenses, extra batteries, the carry bags etc), then you may continue to burden yourself for a little bit of extra clarity that SLR would offer. But, for most practical situations, like vacations, family functions, parties etc, this is the camera that you can take with you. What good is a SLR if you don't feel like carrying it with you because it is so bulky? The vacations should be to relax, not for carrying all the SLR related weight around. However, if you are a very, veRY, VERY serious photographer, you may stick to your SLR, as they still offer a little better photographs, given that you can carry the camera with you. Once of my friend (serious photographer) got neck sprains just by carrying his SLR+fitted lens from morning till night, while we were on a vacation. This camera kicks some serious ***... Paronama, 1 inch CMOS sensor, 20 MP, amazing light sensitivity(low light pics are amazing), very high true resolution, amazing aperture, High Dynamic Range support, 1080p video recording... phew, i'm tired of writing all the good things this little guy has. time to get some sleep.. and dream about the Sony RX100..

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  • Unprecedented Masterpiece!!!
    Laukik Parulkar on | 01-09-2012

    This is truly the best pocket-able camera I have handled! Primarily the specifications are killer!! PROS(loooong list!) 1. 1" Carl Zeiss sensor(What an achievement!!), 2. f/1.8(WOW!! Low light and night photos are a treat!!), 3. 20 megapixels(offers fantastic detail!!) 4. auto-focus (exemplary!), 5. manual control ring(one of a kind!), 6. 3.6x optical zoom (respectable although the 7.2x clear image optical zoom offers surprisingly good performance too), 7. flexible flash (no more flash in subject's spectacles!), 8. 10 shots per second Burst Mode!! (that's superbly fast!!) 9. Panorama (best on the planet!!), at 60 fps with image stabilization (stellar!!) 11.Battery 330 shots(very very respectable!), 12.A wonderfully customizable Function button(big pro!) 13.Best part : weight 240gm!!!! (Competition's wgt begins at 400gm and above. So trulr light weight!!) CONS 1. Biggest con I would say is no articulated screen 2. No optical VF if that's important coz the 3" Whitemagic display is definitely one of the best LCDs out there 3. No hot shoe if u have additional microphone or flash to attach 4. 7.2x zoom may look petty (but remember! 20 megapixels will offer u a gigantic photo with lots of detail anyway which makes up for this shortcoming) Should you go this? Of course you should!!! Coz for the first time ever, u will be sacrificing about 10-15% of DSLR quality in images(not in videos coz they literally are DSLR-like!) and u will be having the amazing liberty of tucking ur camera in ur pocket instead of hanging it around ur neck all the time.

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