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English | Release Date Mar 24, 1990


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A welfare worker warns the three orphaned Curtis brothers that any trouble will send Ponyboy and Soda Pop to foster homes.

Soda wants to keep it from Darrel that he's gotten a girl pregnant, and Ponyboy becomes "protective" when Scout is courted by a nongreaser.

Tim Shepard returns from prison and is tempted to take a job offer from two men he met in the joint.

Pony Boy regrets not taking Cherry's bait to tackle the school dance—until he's hooked by a stronger line. The Northside Greaser Band makes its pro debut.

A chain-gang fugitive is "one of us" to Ponyboy, whose aid to the man further alienates Pony from Darrel---and results in a bullet for Soda.

The Curtises' overnight care of an infant whose father doesn't return puts them through some changes and prompts Two Bit to get in touch with his estranged father.

As a tornado approaches, Darrel tries to save the roof on a customer's house. Pony attempts to move an injured Soc to safety. Soda risks Darrel's cash to save Buck's poker stake.

The Greasers and Socs beat up a black student dating a girl who dumped Soda, who can keep quiet and take the blame—or talk, and take it from his "friends."

At a carnival, Darrel and Tim fight one scam while Soda is caught in another when a seductive carny girl separates him from the car he's "borrowed" for the evening.

Needing to pay off gambling debts, Two Bit tries to get his school's hoop star to commit a foul. Tim goes to church to see the gal who got away.

Darrel's dream requires a loan, but Soda's dream comes true, thanks to a prank by Steve and Two Bit that sends Soda into a spending spree.

Darrel objects when Scout uses the Curtises' for refuge from an abusive father, but doesn't mind his own time spent with a lonely military wife.

A desperate Darrel joins a group of laborers, unaware he's crossing a picket line formed by Tim's union. Ponyboy sees the good life as he tutors a track star.

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The Outsiders FAQ's

The release date of The Outsiders is Mar 24, 1990.

The Romanoffs, Living Biblically, Season 1, Briarpatch, Surface, The Conners, The Real O'Neals and Mad Men are the popular shows of Jay R. Ferguson.

The star cast of The Outsiders are : Jay R. Ferguson, Rodney Harvey, Boyd Kestner, David Arquette, Robert Rusler, Harold Pruett, Kim Walker and Heather McComb.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Drama genre.