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Hindi | Release Date Nov 01, 2004

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Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was released on Nov 01, 2004 and was directed by Deven Bhojani .This show is available in Hindi language. Ratna Pathak, Satish Shah, Sumeet Raghvan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar and Deven Bhojani are playing as the star cast in this show. You can watch the show online on Hotstar, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai scores a 9.2 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch in the Comedy genre.


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Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Trailer and Promotional Videos

"SARABHAI vs Sarabhai" ReUnion with RJ Anmol during Lockdown - YouTube
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Popular Dialogues

  • 1.Sone jaisa rang hai tera, aakhe jaise moti, laash jaisi dikhti hai jab khuli aankh se soti machli bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu kissi de do choti choti…

  • 2.Momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj Aur lipstick ho jaise, bhooke hotho ka anaj Momma ke purse ka hai makhmali sa sparsh

  • Momma ka purse, momma ka purse….Ek common man ko mili hai pari, jaise cheeku ke saath ho raspberry Aage aage momma aur peechay peechay daddy, jaise ho Tom and Jerry Momma hai sweet srikhand and papa ghee wali pooripoori

  • Mauka hai khushi ka aaj, momma aur daddy ki anniversary!khushi ka aaj, momma aur daddy ki anniversary!

  • 3. Popat kaka ki aatma ka popat, udd gaya udd gaya udd gaya re Shristi ke sajjan haatho se popat, judd gaya judd gaya judd gaya re

  • 4.Tring tring baji phone ki ghanti,Usne bola mera naam hai bunty,Phir who bola Namaste Maya aunty,Maine bola, I’mRosesh, sorry bunty… Wuppee!

Movie Awards and Nomination

  • Apsara Film Producers Guild Awards (2006)
  • Apsara Award [Nominee] Best Actress - TV: Ratna Pathak Shah
  • Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2017)
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]: Best Actor - Web Series Satish Shah
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee] Best Actor - Web Series: Sumeet Raghavan
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee] Best Actress - Web Series: Ratna Pathak Shah
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee] Best Actress - Web Series: Rupali Ganguly
  • Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2005)
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Winner] Best Actress in a Comic Role: Ratna Pathak Shah
  • Indian Television Academy Award [Winner] Best Actor in a Comic Role: Satish Shah


1. Maya Sarabhai, played by Ratna Pathak Shah is the sister of Supriya Pathak who plays the famous role of Hansa Parekh on the popular TV soap Khichdi and Instant Khichdi. Both shows were written by Atish Kapadia and enjoyed great TRP.
2. At the end of season 1, SBVS season 2 was in talks but was subsequently canceled. In July 2016, the actors of the show confirmed the new season of the show as a web series with the same cast and a 7-year leap.
3. It was the first sitcom in India in the new millennium that enjoyed a good TRP.
4. The age of Maya Sarabhai was varying throughout season 1. She says her age is 48,51 and 52 in different episodes. All her age numbers can not be true because season 1 ran for 18 months only.
5. The entire Sarabhai family reunited on the online show, Jay Hind! hosted by Sumeet Raghavan (who plays Dr. Sahil Sarabhai) except Rajesh Kumar (who plays Rosesh Sarabhai), as he was in Goa for a shoot.
6. The self-proclaimed tech genius, Dushyant, with his quirky antics is one of the most popular characters of the show. But very few people know that Deven Bhojani, the actor playing the character, also directed all the episodes of the series.
7. The poetry competition episode of the show is one of the most memorable episodes and that's largely due to Kacha Kela's hilarious poem, Main Lukhkha Hun. The actor playing Kacha Kela in this episode is one of the show's writers, Aatish Kapadia.
8. This show in its initial run brought the TRP of .63. But During its 21 re-runs, it enjoyed a really good TRP rating.
  • Production Details

    Hats Off Productions

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Season and Episode Details

Season 0

Sahil Sarabhai decides to run away from the house to Goa. There he meets a writer who decides to write a book on it. As Saahil tells him his problems, the Sarabhai family is introduced. Finally to tell his family his woes, he gives them the book to read. But they don't improve.

Monisha and Maya's birthday falls on the same day and both want to go out with Saahil. Saahil decides to have dinner with Maya and lunch with Monisha. When Indravadan sees that he is getting away with the situation, he convinces Maya to change her dinner plan to lunch. Saahil then lies to Monisha that Maya has hallucinations issues and tells her that he is seeing a doctor for lunch. Indravadan then lies to Monisha about the doctor being a murderer and takes Monisha to Zodiac Bistro where Saahil is with Maya. Saahil tries to get an actor to play the doctor and Indu asks the real doctor to go to the Bistro. Lot of confusion arise and the lunch is ruined. Finally Indu-Maya and Saahil-Monisha go for dinner.

Monisha and Indravadan are very excited about watching final at Wankhede Stadium, but Maya does not approve of it because of their middle-class slogans. Desperately, Indravadan tries to steal the tickets from his friend Jayant by inviting him to dinner. Maya finally gets two tickets. Indravadan eats paani puri and then gets Diarrhoea. Monisha fasts for his recovery. Maya bets with Monisha that it won't work. They bet the ticket. Finally the match is postponed, which enables Indravadan to go to the match. When Monisha claims that she has won the bet, Maya refuses to accept it. They argue about it.

Maya's friend Sarita mentions that her husband is cheating on her. Then she remarks that Indu and Saahil are parrots and will never cheat. Monisha wants to prove that Saahil is a tiger and not a parrot. Meanwhile, Indu is having an affair with a woman who he talks to using a secret mobile. Saahil's colleague flirts with him. Soniya predicts a woman in Saahil's life. Monisha investigates and catches him with Kiran a.k.a. Shama. Maya finds the mobile and the woman. They fool them by saying that they were fooling them to just show a glimpse of what a tiger would do. They are satisfied.

Rosesh is participating in a stage play written by Jaimin. Maya invites a critic for the play reading. Indu steals the script and makes inappropriate modifications using the gardner, servant and watchman. But the critic loves it. So Maya gets the gardner, servant and watchman to write the second act of the play.

Maya's uncle Popat lal is sick, so she decides to go to Los Angeles to see him. Monisha gets excited because of some discount sale in the malls of LA. Saahil isn't able to travel because of a police case filed by a patient. Rosesh's visa gets rejected. But before they can travel, Popat Lal dies. Maya decides to arrange a shradhanjali, but due to Monisha's old food, her throat gets sore. She is upset. So Monisha gets her Jalandhar Baba's well's water. After that she totally loses her voice. Finally Monisha sings at the Shradhanjali instead of Maya.

Maya and Indravardhan have a tiff. To please her, Indravardhan buys her an old wooden wardrobe from a kabadiwala. Maya is disgusted and wants to throw out the wardrobe, which upsets Indravardhan. Saahil assures him that Maya loves him. To prove it, he asks Indu to hide. When Indu is found nowhere, Maya becomes upset and calls Sonia to check Voodoo chart. Finally because of Saahil's repeated singing of the same song, Maya finds the truth. To teach Indu a lesson, she calls and stages a drama with Kashyap where she plans to run away with him. Finally Indu comes out of the Wardrobe.

Maya and Monisha go out for some protests, so Sahil, Indravadan, Dushyant and Roshesh decide to party. Indravadan asks his friend to arrange a party. Unknowingly they end up with two beautiful girls who would dance and then massage them. They back-out and ask them to leave. The organizer, Babu wants them to pays the full Rs. 30,000. While they argue, Maya and Monisha return. After some slip-ups, Maya discovers everything. Finally they enjoy the show as a family.

Monisha ends up sending an empty lunch box to Saahil's office. He is annoyed. To please him she make him a meal, which is horrible. When he talks about that, she gets angry and fights with decides to leave the house. To teach her a lesson, he hires an actress to play a sexy maid. When Monisha sees the maid, she becomes very jealous and agrees to keep the house clean and take care of the other responsibilities also.

Maya challenges Indravardhan to a Scrabble competition when he makes fun of her when she wins a competition. Indu trains with Saahil's help and finally wins the competition.

Maya's sister, Vidheesha is coming to Mumbai. Monisha forces her to stay in her house. Maya wants to clean Monisha's house and plots to enter her house. Indu hears her and asks Monisha to spoil the plan by doing pest control. Finally Maya fakes illness and moves to Monisha's house. Indu fakes her report to scare her. Finally Vidheesha cancels her plan and Maya moves back to her house.

Roshesh falls in love with a high society girl, Maggie, who likes her pet more than Rosesh. She is vegan and Rosesh decides to do as she says. Maya is upset and then scolds him. Rosesh fights and leaves the house. Finally they broke up due to some issues with the pets and Rosesh returns home.

Maya and Saahil play a prank on Indravardhan. Saahil helps Indu to prepare a drink and it is served to Dinesh who visits them for a chess match. Dinesh drops dead and everyone blames Indu for it. Ila behen, Madhu Phoopha and Sarita arrive, they try to hide that fact that Dinesh is dead. When everything fails, Indu gets very tensed and Maya tells him that it was just a prank.

Maya treats Indu like a child and belittles his attempts to be romantic. While jogging, he meets actress Koki Sharma. He is attracted to her and invites her to lunch. He tells Saahil that he is falling in love with Koki. Saahil asks him to speak to Koki. Indu discovers that Koki sees him as her father. Heart-broken he comes home. Meanwhile Maya discovers hidden cookies at home and is upset with Indu. When he comes home, she asks him about Cookie, but he thinks she has found out about Koki. Finally Indu realizes that she is talking about Cookie and tell her that he needs some romance in their life. She agrees.

Soniya makes a prediction about a woman's death with name starting with 'M' by 6:00 pm. The person will associated with glass and something black. Both Maya and Monisha are terrified.

Rosesh has insomnia and it drives all the others crazy.

Maya makes a bet with Monisha that men can't remember important dates. Then Maya sets to prove it.

Saahil buys a brand new Coyote car and Monisha and Maya fight to drive it first. On Indu's suggestion, Monisha takes out the car without telling Saahil and does an accident. Maya wanting to drive first cooks up a story about a sick child to drive the car. Rosesh while practicing for a beggar's role drops his lotta on the car. For the damage done by Monisha, Saahil blames Rosesh. Monisha confesses and Saahil forgives her.

Indravadan has borderline cholesterol problem and it is up to Maya to make him lose his flab and cholesterol. Maya forces him to exercise and Indu tries to get out of it. Finally he decides to work-out and becomes a health freak.

Maya explains to Dushyant how Saahil and Monisha met and how they fell in love and married. Saahil meets Monisha when asks for a lift. Then they become friends. But Maya arranges for Saahil's marriage with Sarita's daughter Priya.

Monisha is also engaged to a vet. Later she realizes her feelings for Saahil and their marriage gets fixed.

Monisha finds Saahil's diary and discovers an affair. Saahil convinces her that he is innocent.

The building's lease papers are missing, so it is about to be demolished. Soniya & her friend bring Ba's spirit in Monisha's body to find the papers.

Saahil discovers that the whole spirit thing is a prank by Indravardhan and Monisha. He then decides to play a prank on them.

Indravadan to invite Jayashree to his house for celebration of the International Family Week. He decides to invite Maya’s cousins also.

Maya's cousins; Himanshu, Hansa along with their family come over to meet her and Indravadan.

Maya invites Swaroopa and her husband Baldev Singh to her house for a party and ends up taking care of their spoilt doggy Dipender for a day.

Indravardhan and Rosesh decide to become friends.

Maya reluctantly agrees help a destitute girl as a maid to her house. She robs them.

Maya's mobile is defunct and flashbacks to the time when he repaired the fridge to convince Monisha why she should not tell Dushyant about it.

Sahil and Monisha fight due to lack of Sahil's interest in Monisha. The reason for his inattentiveness is a crazy patient, Neelima Verma.

Maya scolds her servants and they leave. The replacement smells and steals. Radhabai and Vittal also have troubles with alternate employment. Maya misses her old servants and hires them back.

Tired of playing mother and housekeeper, Maya decides to go out and when she returns, she has invited an upcoming artist, Sudhanshu, to her house, whose exhibition she went to see.

Maya is ready to leave the house with Sudhanshu, but Sudhanshu is doubtful if she can leave Indravadan.

Maya has bet with Indravadan that she can make fool of Sahil.Which results in Monisha threatening to leave the house but Sahil not stopping her to.

The society is celebrating daughter-in-law day and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law. Maya gets anxious about her speech.

Sahil and Monisha plan to shift to Delhi. Maya is scared that Sahil will become middle-class so she tries to stop them

Sahil is jealous of Rosesh when he gets a film offer. He is also upset because no one cares that he is being awarded for his sunscreen lotion.

Monisha complains that Sahil is not romantic to her. Maya decided to intervene and help.

Indravadan makes fun of a famous hypnotist invited by Maya and in return the hypnotist hypnotises Indravadan to become Maya hilarious consequences follow

Indravadan is finally out of hypnotism. He makes fun again, so the hypnotist makes him Rosesh.

Maya and Monisha play Antakshari as a challenge. Their friends help them

Swaroopa wants a divorce and Bladev does not. They come to Sarabhais for help.

Rosesh is kidnapped for ransom and Indravardhan decides to bargain. When Rosesh finds out, he refuses to come home.

Monisha's uncle Jaspal dies leaving behind expensive paintings and antiques for Monisha. Maya is outraged and tells Monisha to make use of the money by giving it to charity and not wasting it on discount sales. So they have a bet. If Monisha donates all the money and paintings she got from her uncle, Maya will donate 5 lakhs.

Indravardhan writes a play to show Maya that he can do something constructive. The actors goof up and the audience just laugh at them.

As a birthday wish Maya gives Indravardhan his bachelorhood. Sahil, Rosesh and Indravadan shift to Sahil's flat. Maya and Monisha stay in Indravadan's flat. The wish becomes disastrous when everything goes wrong.

Sharman, Sahil's cousin causes his friend's dad to have a heart attack three days before his wedding. When the police look for him, he decides to hide at Indravadan's house

To escape an arrange marriage with Ajanta (Sarita's niece), Rosesh confesses to Maya that he has a wife, Rita and a son, Daksesh.Maya is horrified by the news but afterwards she gets to know that it is a lie and proposes that Rita and Rosesh should get married officially.

The story of how Maya and Indravadan met in a party and fell in love

To save her new pet, a goldfish, Monisha decides to stand against Maya in the society's general election. Sahil, on the other hand, is going out so he can avoid the elections.The results declared are that it is a tie but then Sahil comes and votes for Maya.Monisha is not disturbed because one night before the elections she gave her fish some Paneer and she died.

Rosesh discovers that Maya wanted to abort her 3rd child (Rosesh). So he decides to advertise for new parents.

Monisha wins a contest and TV actor Patang visits her home. Sahil is jealous because Monisha is smitten and Patang flirts with her.

Rosesh challenges Indravardhan to a poetry competition

Maya loses her memory and becomes middle-class. Monisha loves it.

Rosesh hits a man and runs. Some social activists demand his arrest

Indravadan makes fun of Sahil publicly and they have a fallout.

Tired of Indravadan's childish activities, Maya throws him out of the house

Maya's sister Nayesha and Monisha's cousin Jugalkishore visit. They fall in love.

Indravardhan tries to prove to Rosesh that women are always suspicious.

Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. Maya tries to find him a bride.

Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. Maya tries to find him a bride.

Madhubhai's niece Kismi comes to live with Maya and Indravadan. Rosesh gets very friendly with her.

Indravadan is visited by Yamraj. Maya begs and tries to save his life. This is later revealed to be a prank staged by Ramesh Shirke, from Rosesh’s theatre company, as a surprise for their wedding anniversary.

Sahil is invited by cricketer Vishal Guha for a party with a partner. Maya and Monisha fight to accompany him

On Maya's insistence, Monisha becomes sophisticated

Monisha decides to commit suicide. Maya celebrates.

Dushyant gives Sahil an African Chant to recite. After that everything Sahil wishes happens.

A psychic predicts that Rosesh should marry within a month or he will have to wait for 51 years. Rosesh freaks out

Another psychic shows the Sarabhais their future in a crystal ball. All comes out to be good till they receive a shock for their future in the following 7 years.

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Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai FAQ's

The release date of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is Nov 01, 2004.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai scores a 9.2 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby are the popular shows of Deven Bhojani.

The star cast of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai are : Ratna Pathak, Satish Shah, Sumeet Raghvan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar and Deven Bhojani.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is directed by Deven Bhojani.

You can watch Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai online on Hotstar.

This show is available in Hindi language.

This show is available in Comedy genre.


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