Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers

Comedy | Kids

English | Release Date Sep 05, 2008

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Imagination Movers Season and Episode Details

Season 0

The series begins with the Movers searching for the source of a loud noise that is interrupting one of their songs.

Warehouse Mouse hides to avoid a visit to a veterinarian.

Scott has a bad hair day and won't let Nina take his picture until he gets his hair just right.

A puppy gets loose in the warehouse, and the guys try to find it.

The guys use pantomime to communicate with a foreign guest.

Smitty and Rich get stuck together with a gooey substance used by Dave to repair broken items.

The guys receive the world's largest phone book and must figure out a way to move it around.

The guys search for the source of a strong wind that is blowing through the warehouse.

The guys try to catch Dave's Robo-Bee using their imaginations.

Nina and the guys plan a surprise birthday party for Knit Knots, but he doesn't like cake, decorations or games.

The warehouse is very cold, what could be causing it and can the movers stop it?

Nina tries to determine what is causing Dave to sneeze so much.

A commercial shoot is delayed when Rich gets his foot stuck in a bucket.

The guys help Knit Knots locate his missing keys.

The movers use remote-control dancing shoes to help Nina's friend learn how to dance.

Knit Knots is unable to finish a recording after he gets the hiccups.

The movers accidentally break Nina's clock and then try to fix it.

Dave asks Knit Knots to try on his super bouncy suit. Knit Knots gets a stuck zipper and it is a race against time to get hime free before his boring meeting.

Nina has bought lots of presents, but they are all wrapped the same. How will she figure out which present belongs to whom?

The movers new customer is Maggie, she can't march and play her instrument at the same time. Can the movers help?

A famous fortune hunter arrives with a map indicating that there is buried treasure in the warehouse.

Nina comes up with the perfect gift for her mother on mother's day - a song from the Movers.

Rich has trouble falling asleep.

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Imagination Movers FAQ's

The release date of Imagination Movers is Sep 05, 2008.

Imagination Movers scores a 7.28 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

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The star cast of Imagination Movers are : Kath Soucie.

Imagination Movers is directed by Wilmer Valderrama, Robert Berlinger, Skot Bright, Rusty Cundieff, Richard Gitelson, Savage Steve Holland, Jonathan Judge, David Kendall, Francine McDougall, Linda Mendoza, Jonathan Winfrey, Joe Menendez, Henry Chan, Eric Dean Seaton and Jonathan A. Rosenbaum.

You can watch Imagination Movers online on Hotstar.

This show is available in English language.

This show is available in Comedy and Kids genres.