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Fittrat was released on Oct 18, 2019 and was directed by Baljit Singh Chaddha and Santosh Singh .This show is available in Hindi language. Priyanka Bhatia, Aru K Verma, Krystle D'Souza, Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan are playing as the star cast in this show. You can watch the show online on Alt Balaji/ ZEE5, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Fittrat scores a 6.5 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a good show to watch in the Romance and Drama genres.


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Fittrat Season and Episode Details

Tarini Bisht knew what she wanted when she was just 10. Since then, she diligently worked towards her goals. As she graduates with flying colours, she decides to leave her nest and head to Delhi to her best friend, Amy, and her new journey begins.

When Tarini reaches Delhi, she heads to Amy’s house. But to her disappointment, she is out of town. She takes a place on rent and finds a job with a newspaper. Later in the night, she is arrested from a local bar.

Tarini is released from the lock-up and the next day she is fired from her newspaper job. Dejected, she returns home to find it flooded with water and no electricity. She decides to go back to her father. But it takes just one call from Amy to stop her from leaving the city.

Amy welcomes Tarini into her beautiful mansion. Both attend a party where Delhi's elite and eligible bachelors are present. At the party, Tarini immediately falls for a man she meets. The man turns out to be Amy’s fiancé.

During a weekend, Tarini, Amy, Mallika, and Bunty visit Veer’s farmhouse. Veer gets increasingly drawn towards Tarini but his father warns him not to lose his focus. Later, Veer continues to pursue Tarini even after she makes it clear that she is not interested in him.

While Veer can’t get over Tarini and keeps dreaming about her, Tarini spends quality time with Bunty, which makes his fiancé, Mallika, insecure. Meanwhile, Bunty’s mother decides to prepone both her children’s engagement.

Amy is delighted as Bunty finally breaks up with Mallika. However, Amy’s mother gets upset and blames Tarini for misleading her son. She warns Amy that Tarini is just a gold digger whose next target could be none other than Veer. Meanwhile, Veer confesses to Tarini about his infatuation for her.

Tarini and Bunty agree to get hitched. Just before Veer’s big TV interview, he corners Tarini and tries to get close to her. Tarini threatens him to reveal everything if he continues to pursue her. Later, Amy senses something brewing between Tarini and Veer.

At Amy and Veer’s engagement party, Veer initially apologizes to Tarini but also tries to get close to her. Tarini feels she has had enough and decides to tell everything to Amy. But she is shocked when Amy accuses her of betraying their friendship.

Tarini returns to Delhi and meets Arun with a plan to get back at Veer. But her plan fails when Veer destroys Tarini’s only evidence against him.

After the news of O.P Kapoor’s shady deals breaks out, Tekchand Sareen reaches Arun’s office and coldly threatens him. Not daunted by this, Arun asks Tarini to find more dirt on Tekchand and everyone involved. This time Tarini decides to go for the big fish itself. Will she succeed?

Mr. Shergill receives flak from O.P Kapoor due to Tarini’s investigation and he warns Veer to deal with Tarini. Veer then meets Tarini and confesses his love for her. Tarini once again loses her job but manages to get some crucial information about Veer’s ambitious real estate project.

Tarini disrupts Veer Shergill’s press conference by asking him uncomfortable questions. She is excited about her first big scoop going on air on the Daily News channel. Amy tells Veer to fix Tarini once and for all. The next day Tarini is in for a shock when a completely different story goes on air.

While Tarini begins to wrap up her life in Delhi and move on, Veer goes ahead with his ambitious project. Amy is excited about her wedding, but Veer cannot stop thinking about Tarini. Later, Tarini meets Veer and realizes that his love for her was real.

On the wedding day, Veer abandons Amy and tells his father that he loves Tarini. He then meets Tarini and promises her that he will be with her forever. But Tarini looks on as Veer gets arrested. Later, Amy comes to meet Tarini who is very lonely. Will they be friends again?

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Fittrat FAQ's

The release date of Fittrat is Oct 18, 2019.

Fittrat scores a 6.48 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a good show to watch.

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The star cast of Fittrat are : Priyanka Bhatia, Aru K Verma, Krystle D'Souza, Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan.

Fittrat is directed by Baljit Singh Chaddha and Santosh Singh.

You can watch Fittrat online on Alt Balaji and ZEE5.

This show is available in Hindi language.

This show is available in Romance and Drama genres.


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