Watch Ford's Level 4 autonomous Fusion navigating a simulated city

While it does ace handling the intricacies of a model city, we wonder if it would get to replicate the same in real cities.

Published Date
27 - Jun - 2017
| Last Updated
27 - Jun - 2017
Watch Ford's Level 4 autonomous Fusion navigating a simulated cit...

Autonomous vehicle tests are fully underway, and the likes of USA and South Korea are coming up with model cities for companies to host tests in. Now, the latest video shows the ease and precision with which a heavily equipped Ford Fusion autonomously maneuvers around Mcity, a model city made by University of Michigan to test self driving cars.

The Fusion in question will ultimately be aimed for Level 4 SAE autonomy. The very first commercial rollouts for Level 4 autonomous vehicles is being aimed for 2021, and the technology should reach consumer vehicles in production by 2025. Most companies are now testing precision of independent systems like pedestrian detection, redesigning lidars, synchronising deep learning algorithms and putting everything into test vehicles to roam the test cities. Setups like Mcity are crucial for development as they provide a controlled setup of real cities with tight turns, pedestrians, multiple lanes and other elements without having the headache of fatal consequences with laboratory products.

Check out the entire video here below:

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