The Mini Electric Concept fuses the best of electric power and aesthetics

Keeping the spirit of the hot hatch alive, the Mini Electric Concept looks exactly how you'd expect a Cooper to look like.

Published Date
31 - Aug - 2017
| Last Updated
05 - Dec - 2017
The Mini Electric Concept fuses the best of electric power and ae...

Mini has always been the ace when it comes to designing hot hatches. The company has always succeeded in offering a compact hatchback that is designed with precarious symmetry, a seamless flow of lines and circles, and a recognisable facade with dollops of power, technology and gimmick hidden inside. Now, the latest Mini attempting to steal the show is the Mini Electric Concept, bearing a name that is rather self-explanatory in nature.

Essentially, the Mini Electric Concept is a variant of the typical 3-door Mini hardtop. It features an unsurprisingly modified front grille, as the car doesn't need an air dam up front any longer. This has allowed the company to improve the car's overall aerodynamics, while keeping the core design and dimensions similar to the original 3-door Mini. It also boasts of redesigned head and tail lamps, and will presumably come with a host of driver assistive and infotainment technology, including the beatiful implementation of LEDs in its dash.

The Mini Electric Concept is one of the first instalments of BMW's drive to include an electric powertrain in varying forms in all BMW and Mini vehicles. BMW has also unveiled a new trim of the electric i3 hatchback, and that, along with the all-electric Mini, will be up on the show floor at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Check out some more of its photos here:

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