The Dubai Police now has an actual hoverbike in its fleet

As if Bugatti and Lamborghini were not fast enough to scare off any law-breakers.

Published Date
16 - Oct - 2017
| Last Updated
05 - Dec - 2017
The Dubai Police now has an actual hoverbike in its fleet

The Dubai Police has been known to own a stunning range of vehicles in its fleet, as part of its marketing efforts. But, even the acquisition of Bugatti and Lamborghini supercars, in the nation studded with exorbitant luxuries, do not seem to be enough. Reason: The Dubai Police fleet now happens to own a fully functional hoverbike.

The vehicle in question is the Hoversurf Scorpion hoverbike. It has four rotors that appear to offer vertical lift, while it is ridden like a normal bike. A hoverbike, let us remind you again, does not happen to be a usual vehicle by any means, and does not even have a specific production form that has been clearly defined. It still remains to be a cooncept for the future, mostly, venturing into the flying cars and bikes territory that many companies and startups would have us believe will adorn the skies of our future. This particular one can reportedly carry loads of up to 275 kilograms, and can fly at up to 70kmph, for about 30 minutes per charge cycle. If the very existence of the hoverbike was not scientific enough, the Hoversurf Scorpion hoverbike is of course powered solely by batteries, and also has self-flying technology integrated in it.

The Dubai Police possibly owns the world's most venerable list of automobiles and technologies, with a slew of supercars already under its fleet. Alongside, the authorities happen to have deployed its very first robotic police officers, and are also exploring the possibility of employing autonomous drones, which may be used for surveillance and other security management purposes. As of now, it is unclear if the Dubai Police will use the hoverbike in its fleet already, or it would remain a part of its marketing initiatives.

Either way, you should still check out how this hoverbike is, in case you happen to breach a law and this flying contraption appears behind you, seemingly out of thin air.

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