Hyundai i20 WRC: Car Tech at Auto Expo 2014

The sophisticated little i20 is transformed! No, wait. You cannot buy this. Because you aren?EUR(TM)t driving for Team Hyundai at the World Rally Championships. But, the technology used in this little rocket is something worth checking out.

Published Date
06 - Feb - 2014
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06 - Feb - 2014
Hyundai i20 WRC: Car Tech at Auto Expo 2014

Hyundai, just late last year, announced that they will be competing in the World Rally Championship on a full-time basis. And the car they chose for that is the standard i20 hatchback, and beefed it up for the rigors of rally racing and to bring it in line with the very stiff regulations that dictate the specifications of each car. Hyundai displayed the i20 WRC Edition at the Auto Expo 2014, and while we weren’t allowed to sit in it, there was still a lot to talk about.

The power comes from the Hyundai Motorsport turbocharged injection 1600cc engine delivering 300hp and 400nm torque. The fuel that this engine is designed to use is FIA approved, which is mandatory for WRC. The sequential 6 speed gearbox, with the power going to all four wheels.

The structure of the i20 WRC is the FIA-spec reinforced steel and composite fibre body with welded multi-point roll cage. Michelin provides the rubber for the car, with different compounds for different driving conditions - Pilot Sport for tarmac, A41 for snow/ice tarmac, X-Ice North for ice/snow gravel and Latitude Cross for gravel.

Aerodynamic components on the front and rear wheel arches have been redesigned to widen the body by around 10cm to maximize downforce. The front bumper is designed to maximize downforce and optimize the air flow to engine and brakes.

This is one car we would love to drive, considering the power to weight ratio would make this go like a rocket. Unfortunately, we cannot. But, we can certainly enjoy some pictures of this little beauty. And, the closest you will get to driving this beauty is in the Real racing 3 game on your iPad!



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