Honda's MGM Epix entertainment service shows up with 'Erotic' tab

Honda's prompt PR response squad has since got it removed from its MGM Epix entertainment system.

Published Date
12 - Jul - 2017
| Last Updated
12 - Jul - 2017
Honda's MGM Epix entertainment service shows up with 'Erotic' tab

A month ago, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer's Epix entertainment service had hit the headlines after having tied up with Honda to provide premium in-car entertainment services. Now, Epix is back in the news yet again, after having showed a dedicated tab for 'erotic' content on board the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivans.

Epix's epic faux pas was discovered by Joann Muller of Forbes, who found the 'Erotic' category placed as a regular tab between 'Documentary' and 'Horror', arranged neatly in alphabetical order. Within this, as Cnet reports, some of the movies are 'Gladiator Eroticus', 'Kinky Kong' and 'Lord of the G-Strings'. The prolific lineup of movies could have potentially landed Honda and MGM in a PR nightmare, had it not been for the prompt action of Honda's communications team.

The pornographic content has since been removed from the Odyssey's entertainment setup. MGM's Epix entertainment services require buyers to pay a subscription for accessing the video content, so the number of users who would have encountered the pornographic content may have been lesser than what would have, if it were open content.

Nevertheless, Muller's initial discovery also stated that MGM's Epix has more content on it that is not kid-friendly, but are stored across other genres. On this note, it would be advisable to subscribers to apply discretion before playing content from there.

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