Delhi-based startup Hriman Motors pledges to unveil electric car with 'infinite' battery by mid-2018

The startup has claimed that its very own electric car will have a range of 200km, and take only 10 minutes to fully charge via DC fast charging.

Published Date
30 - Nov - 2017
| Last Updated
05 - Dec - 2017
Delhi-based startup Hriman Motors pledges to unveil electric car...

Hriman Motors, a New Delhi-based Indian startup, has stated that it is working on its very own all-electric car. Nicknamed RT90, the car is presently undergoing road tests, and will be unveiled in its production-ready avatar by mid-2018. The two-seater all-electric car will reportedly be powered by a "battery that will never need to be replaced", and offer total driving range of 200km per charge.

The "serious" two seater, as the company puts it, is the first of the four EVs that the company has planned in future, and has been modeled around a "German" electric drive system. Technical details about the battery being used in it has not yet been revealed, although Hriman has claimed that the RT90 will produce torque higher than 90Nm, and reach peak speed of 70kmph. It will be based on an "Aluminium Trellis Frame" chassis, and include fiber-reinforced plastic panels to avoid fatalities "in case the car turns turtle". Hriman also claims that the RT90's running cost will be 45p per kilometre, and it will include 4G connected infrastructure to enable self-driving ride sharing models in future.

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An Indian startup will soon launch a revolutionary Electric Vehicle with a Driving Range Of 200km Per Charge.

Hriman Motors LLP, a Delhi-headquartered startup, in a view to enhance India's growing e-vehicle ecosystem, is working on building a serious 2 seater electric car with a battery that will never need to be replaced. The RT90 will offer a 4G Connected IOT platform, with 200kms max travel range per charge. A single charge will take about 10 mins on a fast DC Charger and 1-2 hours on an AC Charger. Currently the test horse that has been built is undergoing road trials and we can expect to see the car by mid of 2018 in the market.

Another key market that the 2 seater EV will target is the self-drive segment which has not taken off in India due to multiple reasons. Since the EV is a connected platform and can be tracked and managed via a centralized control framework – People coming down from a metro will be able to rent a car, go shopping and then return it at one of the drop points. Among the biggest selling car in China is the “Zhidou D2 EV” selling more than 5000 units per months and clocking large fleet sales too.

Hriman Motors is working on building a committed eco system to unleash the future of mass public transportation. The cost per kilometer for the RT90 will be around 45 paisa (with Air Conditioner) as compared 7 to 10 rupees for fuel based cars. In 2 years the company is coming up with three Products – 2 seater Electric Car, 6 seater Electric City Commuter Bus and a 4seater Electric Car. The RT90 is using a state of the art German Electric Drive System with torque exceeding 90 nm and a max speed of 70 kms per hour.

The RT90 will be reasonably priced and the team at Hriman Motors is working towards building an Aluminum Trellis Frame chassis with ABS and FRP panels. The Trellis frame will extend to the roof too, offering safety to the passengers just in case the car turns turtle. The RT Transporter Bus, built in the same chassis too will be offered with a robust drive system and a solid aluminum frame all around the passenger cabin. The RT Transporter Bus will be a 5+1 seater and run at 50 paise per km with AC. The RT Transporter Bus will offer safety, comfort, convenience, security and above all will be the ultimate upgrade to the e-rickshaws we see on the roads today.

Commenting on the development,Founder of Hriman Motors Dr Rushen Chahal stated, "Our goal is to build a safe, vehicle using the best of the technologies available in the market today. We are planning for the 5 years ahead and we expecting a huge jump in acceptability of the Electric Vehicles in India as have been the case in China."

The government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the charging infra is available to the consumers and the smart cities project of the government has a provision of 100 plus charging stations in each city. These will be in addition to the community charging stations and personal charging facilities.

Hriman Motors will also like to invite all societies in Delhi NCR to connect with us for setting up charging stations inside the society complexes.
What we are promising our customers is a rock solid product with the best of tech sourced from the automobile giants from across the world.

Key Milestones for Hriman Motors’ for Electric Vehicles:

RT 90 – 2 Seater EV – Launch Date Mid 2018

RT Transporter Bus – 6 seater – Launch date End 2018

RT900- 4 Seater Cars EV- Oct 2019

RTX- 4 Seater Race Car – Mid 2020 – One Megawatt of Power