Will Apple be ready with its iCar by 2020?

Apple has recently hired a lot of people from automobile companies and the company has been rumoured to be working on an Apple Car.

Published Date
20 - Feb - 2015
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20 - Feb - 2015
Will Apple be ready with its iCar by 2020?

The alleged Apple car may launch by 2020. In a report, Bloomberg cites unnamed sources, who say that Apple will be manufacturing its own electric vehicles as early as 2020. Apple’s automobile efforts have been talked about a lot in the recent weeks, with speculations about the company taking on Tesla and General Motors eventually.

Further, both Tesla and General Motors have reportedly set targets for 2017 for releasing their respective new electric vehicles. These cars will be able to run for over 320 kms on a single charge and will cost less than $40,000 (Rs. 24.5 lakhs). 

Of course, Apple has neither denied nor admitted that it's working on an electric vehicle. That said, there have been multiple reports and videos claiming the same. In fact, some videos have even showed alleged Apple Car prototypes.

The only confirmed automobile-related effort that Apple has ever made is Apple Carplay. The company though has been hiring employees from reputed automobile companies recently.

Source: Bloomberg

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