Android Auto to come pre-installed in cars next year

Google is planning to take over your car, to provide better services, of course.

Published Date
19 - Dec - 2014
| Last Updated
19 - Dec - 2014
Android Auto to come pre-installed in cars next year

Google plans to directly integrate its services in your car instead of via your Android powered phone. If and when this happens Google will be able to make use of information coming from your fuel gauge, rear view cameras, sensors, GPS, etc.

According to Reuters, the source close to Google did not provide any timeframe on when Android Auto will be integrated into cars but mentioned that it is in the works. It was also revealed that Google is planning to come out with the next version of Android, dubbed as Android M, in the next year or so.

This year we saw both Android and its arch rival Apple launch their versions of smartphone and auto integration and both initiatives are backed up by car manufacturers. Both Android Auto and Apple’s Car Play are aimed at giving you more information about your car and your trips. And if Google’s auto integration goes as planned and the smartphone goes out of the picture, Google will be able to integrate its services more tightly around you.

Source: Reuters


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