আসুস ROG Phone III

Updated on 24-Aug-2020
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 09 Jul, 2020
Official Website : Asus
আসুস ROG Phone III

Key Specifications

  • Screen Size
    6.59" (1080 x 2340)
  • Camera
    64 + 13 + 5 | 24 MP
  • Memory
    128 GB/8 GB
  • Battery
    6000 mAh



আসুস ROG Phone III Price in India: ₹ 49,999

User Ratings
4.8 out of 5

আসুস ROG Phone III Full Specifications

মৌলিক তথ্য
প্রস্তুতকারক: Asus
মডেল: ROG Phone III
locale.Launch date (global): 24-08-2020
locale.Operating system: Android
locale.OS version: 10
ধরণ: Smartphone
অবস্থা: Launched
রংসমূহ: Blue
প্রোডাক্টের নাম: Asus ROG Phone III
locale.Screen size (in inches): 6.59
locale.Screen resolution (in pixels): 1080 x 2340
পিক্সেল ঘনত্ব (পি.পি.আই): 391
locale.Camera features: Triple
পিছনের ক্যামেরা মেগাপিক্সেল: 64 + 13 + 5
ফ্রন্ট ক্যামেরা মেগাপিক্সেল: 24
এল.ই.ডি. ফ্ল্যাশ: Yes
HDR: Yes
locale.Battery capacity (mAh): 6000
অপসারণযোগ্য ব্যাটারি (হ্যাঁ / না): No
locale.Support For Fast Charging: Yes
locale.Charging Type Port: Type-C
সেন্সর এবং বৈশিষ্ট্যসমূহ
locale.Keypad type: Tuchscreen
প্রক্সিমিটি সেন্সর: Yes
ফিঙ্গারপ্রিন্ট সেন্সর: Yes
অ্যাকসিলরোমিটার: Yes
কম্পাস: Yes
জাইরোস্কোপ: Yes
SIM: Dual
3জি সামর্থ্য: Yes
4জি সামর্থ্য: Yes
ওয়াইফাই সামর্থ্য: Yes
ওয়াইফাই হটস্পট: Yes
ব্লুটুথ: Yes
NFC: Yes
GPS: Yes
প্রযুক্তিগত বৈশিষ্ট্যসমুহ
locale.CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
CPU এর স্পীড: 2.84 GHz
locale.Processor cores: Octa-core
locale.GPU: Adreno 650
locale.Dimensions (lxbxh- in mm): 78 x 171 x 9.85
locale.Weight (in grams): 240
স্টোরেজ: 128 GB
Error or missing information? Please let us know.

আসুস ROG Phone III Brief Description

ফোন সম্পর্কিত অন্যান্য লক্ষণীয় বৈশিষ্ট্যসমূহ এবং তথ্যগুলি নিম্নে বর্ণিত করা হলঃ

  • এটি একটি Dual SIM Smartphone
  • ফোনটি একটি Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 প্রসেসর দ্বারা চালিত হয়।
  • স্মার্টফোনটি 8 GB এর সঙ্গে পাওয়া যায়।
  • ফোনটি 128 GB অভ্যন্তরীণ স্টোরেজের সঙ্গে পাওয়া যায়।
  • ফোনটি একটি 6000 mAh ব্যাটারি দ্বারা চালিত হয়।
  • আসুস ROG Phone III এর কানেক্টিভিটি অপশনগুলি অন্তর্ভুক্ত করেঃ ,GPS,Wifi,HotSpot,NFC,Bluetooth,
  • প্রধান ক্যামেরাটি একটি 64 + 13 + 5 MP শুটারের হয়।
  • আসুস ROG Phone III এর ক্যামেরার সাথে লোড হয়ে আসেঃ ,HDR,,
  • স্মার্টফোনটিতে এছাড়াও 24 MP সেল্ফির শুটিং এর ক্ষমতা সম্পন্ন একটি ফ্রন্ট ফেসিং ক্যামেরা রয়েছে।
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আসুস ROG Phone III FAQs

What is the starting price of আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The starting price of আসুস ROG Phone III is ₹49,999 for the base variant with 8 GB 128 GB.

What is the screen size of আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The আসুস ROG Phone III features a 6.59 inches with 1080 x 2340 resolution.

Which Cameras are available for আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The আসুস ROG Phone III has Triple setup with 64 + 13 + 5 MP arrangement along with a 24 MP selfie camera.

What is the Battery capacity of আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The আসুস ROG Phone III has a 6000 mAh battery over Type-C.

Is Finger print sensor available with আসুস ROG Phone III ?

Yes, the আসুস ROG Phone III has a fingerprint sensor.

What is RAM size of আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The আসুস ROG Phone III is available with 8 GB sizes to choose from.

What is Storage capacity of আসুস ROG Phone III ?

The আসুস ROG Phone III is available with 128 GB sizes to choose from.

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আসুস ROG Phone III User Reviews

Overall Rating
4.8/ 5
Based on 10 Ratings
  • 5 star


  • 4 star


Based on 10 Ratings
  • Mind-blowing purchase
    Hitesh Mishra on Flipkart.com | 20-08-2020

    This Phone is a complete beast. The camera is excellent but can still be improved with software updates. Performance is brilliant, the Snapdragon 865+ can take on any heavy task with ease. Though there is an abnormal heating issue, but the phone cools down even quicker than it gets warm. I easily used it for 29 hours without a charge with heavy usage on 120hz and found no issues. The UI is very close to stock android. Simple and Clean. I've seen many people saying that there's an issue with the screen with 144hz enabled with low brightness, that wasn't the case for me, it runs perfectly fine without any crushes or tints. I highly recommend everyone to check this phone out. This phone truly is the king of 2020.

  • Great product
    VARUN AWASTHI on Flipkart.com | 12-08-2020

    Just Adorable Phone every used and booked on 6th Aug 2020 and deliverey date was that 16th Aug 2020 but got delivered on 9th Aug 2020. Thanks Flipkart for your great service. I'm hardcore user of mobiles n even used One plus 6 before but this one is just unique and big thing is that its a NON CHINESE PRODUCT. It's just perfect for those who are hardcore user of mobiles and even though playing mobile games at higher settings it won't get heatup.

  • Nice product
    karan chavan on Flipkart.com | 12-08-2020

    Phone is too awesome... And the processor is mind blowing fast as rocket... But the touch is too sensitive and i am waiting for a good tempered glass... Which can ignore accidental touches on the edge bcuz of thr touch rates hz... I played pubg for 6.30 hours continuesly in hdr and smooth extreme. Classic.. though i died but i played to see the battery life. And i am satisfied. I think it is just bcuz i had oneplus 6 b4 which was 3300mah....

  • Terrific purchase
    Ashish Bhima on Flipkart.com | 11-08-2020

    All parameters of the phone are perfect.....it is super snappy and the battery life is just legendary cameras are decent selfies are a bit soft in nature.....the only issue I noticed is the at 0 percent brightness the gray may not be perfect gray I didn't notice any black crush and other effect which can be deal breaker the issue will be resolved via ota update its very minor not even noticeable......the dual Dirac speakers are a gem and overall in my opinion its bang for buck

  • Wonderful, Beast yet still scope to improve.
    Jawad Malik on Flipkart.com | 11-08-2020

    Bought this phone for 49999 INR Honest review and reasoning why to go with ROG 3. Battery 6000mah The wifi and cellular stabilization to give you the best internet usage experience Snapdragon 855 or 865 or 865+ really doesnt matter surely 865+ is the fastest there is in all RAM 8GB is more than enough still if anyone wants a higher ROM it makes sense depending on usage still feel like compromising on 128GB in this varient. Camera is very decent compared to ROG 2 huge upgrade but comparing with competitors in market I would say its not much difference pretty same Main issues: 1. Very bulky (Some may prefer this as a plus) 2. I have no Idea how the customer service is gonna be there if any issue arises 3. No 3.5mm Jack like seriously (3.5 mm dongle is there in box but that's not an answer its a gaming phone) 4. Need to make proper arrangements for customer demand be it phone or its accessories. As most of time its out of stock and i have no idea when and how products are coming in sales and going off. (This is specific to the ROG mobile accessories and phone demand) Overall i would say the best out there for the given price I dont use the air triggers as i play four finger and touch is definitely faster than your air trigger but its really good for tumb players to switch up gameplay. you dont need to plug in and play because of huge battery. Max performance extreme usage i was able to kill the battery in 5 hours (i.e 100% to 5%) and i am must say thats great like literally amazing to last that long. my normal gaming and all setting i am good for one day with one charge. Hope this helps you in making your new phone choice 4 stars for no aero-active cooler and 3.5 mm jack if either one was present i would give 5 Stars.

  • Awesome
    Sunny Kumar on Flipkart.com | 10-08-2020

    It is a real beast for gaming. No doubt Superb performance with super battery life and unbeatable features. After unboxing it did some heating problem but after using it 5-6 hours it become normal now I didn't facing any heating problem. And one more thing it is really heavier than a normal phone so you have to use a good shockproof case and a nice tempered glass. But it is a real beast actually

  • Mind-blowing purchase
    Anuraag Puri on Flipkart.com | 10-08-2020

    Amazingly fast delivery. Great phone. Bit heavy as was expected. But the weight is evenly distributed, which makes the phone easy to handle. Great speed, great display. Good camera. Love the air triggers. Highly customisable gaming features. In love with the ROG RGB logo at the back.

  • Worth every penny
    SUBHAM PAL on Flipkart.com | 10-08-2020

    Received the device today which was quite fast depending on the place where I live. Thanks to flipkart for the superfast delivery. Now coming to performance of the device it's no doubt a total Beast !! Played pubg for half and hour, did a lot of hot drops and intense fights. Trust me the frame never went down below 57.. it was between 57-60 all the time which is great. And yes like all the other devices this one do gets heated up if u are gaming for long period of time but it's not overheating and the device does manage to maintain the balanced temperature compared to the other devices. There was no frame drops or throttle issues for heating so it gets a huge thumbs up for me !! For camera I would say I'm not really a photogenic person so for me the camera captured pretty decent shots even in low light and video quality was also quite good and the stability was pretty good too. Then again u are not gonna buy this phone for camera so don't worry about it. It has a huge 6000 mah battery just like rog 2 and battery life is quite good I really loved it !! I switched to higher refresh rates and still the battery drain was normal.. I didn't face any moment where battery was draining too fast or whatever. If u have 50k budget then close your eyes and go for this beast !! Whether u are a gamer or non gamer trust me u won't regret it !! I bought this phone after 4 years of using my old redmi note 4. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase. Thank you Asus for creating this Beast !!! Updating my review after using it for a week now :- I've found some minor bugs which I believe can be fixed by software update. Charging is real fast !! You can lower your charging output to extend battery life which is excellent ! You can play pubg for almost 6 hours with smooth+extreme settings in a full charge without any issue. Still there's no overheating issue for me. Phone gets warm yes but then cools down very quick it won't even bother you or affect your performance.

  • Super!
    Shashikanth Vydyula on Flipkart.com | 09-08-2020

    Quick delivery and mind blowing device. Asus has set a benchmark for display by its 144Hz refresh rate screen and excellent touch response. Some people may complain about the unnecessary or unmistaken touches on bottom corners. It's understandable because of the phone length to width ratio. If you try to use it by one hand and try to reach the top corner with your thumb, these touches can happen. Apart from that a great phone and am still exploring the phone and it's capabilities. I thought that they would include the external cooling gadget along with the phone but I guess it's for 12GB RAM version. Secondly, I don't know why they aren't selling the 12GB RAM version. I would have gone for that if it was available. But that doesn't make any difference and am very happy with the 8 GB variant.

  • Brilliant
    Adesh Singh Chauhan on Flipkart.com | 08-08-2020

    Received the mobile today morning, it's heavy as expected. Very fast and quick response phone. One of the fastest I have used ever. Will give detailed review after 5-6 days uses. Update - it's the real beast " The Hulk" It's fastest android phone till date, If you are gamer you will love it. It's perfectly designed for gamers. Pros - Super amoled Brilliant Display, super smooth super fast, camera quality better than my expectation , Attached the sample pictures taken at daylight . If you are not game lover and want a super fast android phone then also you can buy this beast, weight is higher side but you will get used to it with time. Cons - Actually none but still minor cons like its heats up bit while charging and I thought like with continuous Pubg play battery will last 7+ hours but it drains from 100-10 % within 4 hours continuous Pubg with auto mobile settings and smooth and extreme game mode. And at this price it think asus should have given 8/256gb variant. Because with time 128 GB will be like no use. Conclusion - This is the beast, you will never, regret with your decision. It's fastest android mobile till date and may be nothing will come close in next 4-5 months. And I think I will have to update the review again after 1 month use.

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