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User Reviews of লেনোভো K6 পাওয়ার

  • A straight and honest review and detailed comp with 3s prime
    Abhishek Madhusudhan on Flipkart.com | Apr-2017

    without waiting time i'll tell u what t's worth then decision is up to u... assuming u already read the description and features lets go to performance 3 gb ram out of 1.2 is free for flawless usage... didn't had any hanging or rebooting issue with this one, i'm a heavy user,as my data is on 24/7 and my all social and the apps are always running in background i still get a whole day of non stop processing i.e, battery backup is good but not as grate as xiomi redmi 3s prime it's bcz of the screen resolution k6 power wields 1080ppi screen where as 3s prime has 720ppi. and over that 3s prime has 100MAh extra battery.. so i have used both alternately i have both of em so i'm honest here... 3s prime is about half a day more lasting than k6 power. both the phones have same hardware and on board features so there is no difference in performance... let me rank them, 1. Gaming, both have same Adreno 505.. i played nova , modern combat,asphalt 8 and asphalt nitro, and i was freaking impressed there was not a single frame drop, not even a slightest hanging flawless and superb experience in both of them but i noticed some warm up in 3s prime while playing but not in k6 power . so for gaming i'll give 9/10 2. Battery , k6 power has 4000MAh of lithium polymer battery where as 3s prime has 4100 MAh it isn't much of a difference but still xiomi has a lead 3. Sound,, k6 power has 2 Dolby atoms rear facing speakers and 3s prime has mi louders simple.. 3s prime dosen't stand's a chance of comparison i use Dolby atoms in k6 power with sony head phone they realy change the experience of listing music.. without headphones the sound ok k6 power is impressive and loud with rich base and surround sound i'll give 10/10 for sound in k6 power. 4. Display .. k6 power is holding a full 1080 hd ips display where as 3s has 720pp HD.. watching movie or hd vedios on k6 power gives rich experience i'll give 8.5/10 for the display because of it's high resolution display it consumes more power.. 5.storage..both have 32 gb interna out of witch in k6 power's android consumes 8.01 gb and available for user is 24gb wher as in 3s prime gives 25 gb free for user so i'll give 8/10 for storage 6.design.. both of them has uni body full metal body .. but especially for me i think k6 power has a better build quality science i have seen some tear and wear on 3s prime some paint loss and some fading but k6 is holding good, i have accidentally dropped it once or twice too but had no issue. k6 power is a tad thicker and bulkier than 3s prime but weights same in hand and usage but i like the hold of k6 power, but it has some round edges which makes the phone slippery as a soap so u have to be careful with that bcz none have the glass protection so investing on screen protecter will be a good precaution..i'll give 9/10 for looks and build quality 7. ''CHARGING'' now guy's do read this one carefully bcz there is a twist that will make u re think again before purchasing.. while charging both the phone take around 2.30 to 3 hours to full charge from 0-100 as both of the comes with 5.2v 2 amps charger but-but-but while charging lenovo k6 power heats up like a hot plate u can defiantly cook an omelet for free of cost LOL the highest temp while charging was recorded 48.7 d's this is a major problem with this phone,. and u should know heating is the biggest enemy of battery bcz of heating battery looses it's backup power and eventually it will reduce it's performance too so consider this as a good advice and use a 1.2 amp charger it'll take some time to charge but will ensure your product's long and healthy life i tested and use a moto 1.2 amp charger it work's grate and doest not heat's the devie while charging and backup is also good .. but it does not heats up while heavy usage it becomes warm just a little like arround 38 d's that's common... but with xiomi it dosen't heat's much while charging but sure does when heavy used. NO doubt k6 power is the best supper phone for 8999, but it has it's own problem like over heating while charging despite of that u get 1080ppi of full hd screen and doubly atoms, build quality and looks of k6 power is better than 3s prime so now u know every thing about k6 and it's rival 3s prime .... now decision is yours to make... so now which one will u chose. i'll personally suggest u to go for k6 power bcs it has more features and better build quality than it's rivals it's worth every single rupee. hit like if u find it use full and vise-versa... thank you for reading

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  • Wonderful
    Ratna Bhattacharjee on Flipkart.com | Mar-2017

    The product is quite good. Camera- 9.5/10 Screen-10/10 Sound-10/10 Build-9/10 Look-8/10 Performance- 9/10 Battery-9/10 After sales service-7/10 Overall the performance is well Looks perfect Value for-9/10 I must say that it is better than Redmi 3s prime In some specifications. Flipkart delivery was nice. This phone has a light UI so the phone not hang as the heavy MIUI's. I declare that my review is not biased and I am not intentionally hurt anybody. If Anybody feels offensive pls hit the dislike button. If Anybody likes then hit the like button. Thanks.

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  • Great product
    DAMARAJU SESHA SAILENDRA on Flipkart.com | Jan-2017

    Best product comparing with Le ECO 1s, Le2, Redmi 3S, Note 3, 3S Prime and other 10k approx. Devices. Reviewing after 4 days of usage...... If u r looking for budget oriented smart phone go for K6 power. Pros: 4000mAh battery Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 (bit smaller compared to note 3) but works fine Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 13 MP rear facing with Sony sensor camera 8MP front facing camera Dolby Atmos enabled VR and compass sensors Fingerprint Sensor Cons Quick charging not available Dual SIM slot ( either 2 SIMS or 1 SIM and sd card) Tested battery by charging once after receiving the product from Flipkart (on time delivery). Battery is too good you can use 25+ hours by charging 3 hours. It gets 5 out of 5 Marshmallow is good and Lenovo is bit slow in launching Android updates. Mostly it takes 3 to 6 months for Noughat. Tested camera - whatever the features provided are enough.... There are some features which are necessary are not provided. But camera performance gets 4 out of 5 Sound quality with Atmos is flawless and even tested with earphones. Great quality. Display 1080p HD screen with 5 inch screen. VR works fine and compass also works fine. Fingerprint Sensor is little bit more responsive compared to Lenovo K5 Note. The thing I was unhappy with the phone is quick charging. I tested with quick chargers but did not work. As most of the devices have same format of either inserting both SIM Cards or Inserting a SIM Card and SD Card. It supports VOLTe . Tested with Jio works good. Thanks to Flipkart for faster delivery and on time delivery. Nice packing.

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  • Terrific purchase
    Praneeth Vasthi on Flipkart.com | Jan-2017

    Firstly thanks to Lenovo for a beautiful phone under 10k I'm writing this review after using this phone for a week The good things on this phone are, Good Display with 1080p resolution Dolby Atmos works superb 3GB of ram does pretty well and 1.3GB ram is free Metal body is good and very similar to Redmi3s Camera is excellent with pro mode Dual app feature works fine No lag while playing games It has good Battery life last for one and half day even with more usage Fingerprint sensor is faster Bad things are, Placement of speakers Slow charging I didn't find anything else worse than the above Overall it's been a great phone under 10k better than Redmi 3s Anyone wants to buy a phone under 12k this is the best one If like my review smash the like button.

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  • Super!
    Akash Mondal on Flipkart.com | Jan-2017

    Lenovo K6 Power ****** First I want to say it is the best mobile under 10000k also rather than Redmi 3s Prime... *Display- FHD that is very good thing also its display clarity and also you can see 3d video by long pressing power botton and choose VR *Sound- I can't say about its Dolby Digital Audio because all you know about Dolby sound quality *RAM & ROM- 3GB & 32 GB a very good thing it left almost 24 GB internel memory for your personal use *Android Version & Interface- Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Lenovo Pure Vive UI is the best combination among all the budget mobile under 10000k which make this mobile very very fast and very very powerfull *Camera- Rear 13MP & front 8MP which is very good but I think rear flash is bit low. After all these camera capture a very good picture *Fingerprint- Fingerprint unlock is the very important part in this mobile which take your print of your finger very very fast less than a second *Hybride Sim Slot- You can able to use a sim and a micro sd card or use two sim card at a time and both sim are nano sim card type *Network- Oviously 4G VoLTE faciality and double sim 4G VoLTE also *******At last I want to say again that the **Lenovo K6 Power** is the best mobile rather than Redmi 3s Prime. Do you thik to buy Redmi 3s Prime then I suggest that don't buy Redmi you can buy K6 Power that is a very best choise of yourself.....

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  • Mic problem
    RAJNI SUNDARSINGH on Flipkart.com | Jan-2017

    voice cant be heard by other side clearly

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  • Must buy!
    Anant Prakash on Flipkart.com | Jan-2017

    Now Lenovo start giving Android N update,I also get Android nougat update After using 4 month K6 power is best smartphone under 10k Sound 10/10 Camera 9.5/10 Display 10/10 Battery 10/10 Look is fantastic Ram management is better than mi phone There no mic issue So go with this phone ,you really enjoy sounds

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  • Best in the market!
    KRISHIL SHAH on Flipkart.com | Dec-2016

    Rating tym... Camera=8/10 Sound(dolby atmos)=10/10(crystal clear) Processor=8/10 Body=10/10(metal) Sensor(fingerprint)=10/10 less than 1 sec(quick) Display(full hd)=10/10(all colours) Battery=10/10(fabulous) Colour=#golden(1st) #dark grey(2nd) #silver(3rd) I hope this review is helpful for u... Plzz like

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  • Just okay
    Tanay Bhatt on Flipkart.com | Dec-2016

    Pros: Camera's quite pro, the features are good. Super sleek design, with good battery backup, Processing is good, touch is perfect. Cons: The fingerprint is not accurate as per the standards, doesn't require your own fingerprint sometimes, and hardware failure for fingerprint every alternate day with message: Fingerprint hardware missing.

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  • Terrific
    Suhas Teju on Flipkart.com | Dec-2016

    Awsome phone loaded with good features im quite impressed with this phone first of all i would like to thank flipkart for its fast dilvery . * phone looks good with its colour *camera quality was also good in low light it take average pics but in day light its performance was superb *its new ui system was an new experience and its feels good *gaming experience was an ultimate in this phone *phone has almost 1.3 to 1.4 gb of ram will free which is an another good thing *its battery performance was also an amazing thing *Dolby atoms sound system was great thing in this phone *it consists 2 Nano sim slot and an memory card slot we can use either a 2 sim slot or 1 sim and memory card *there r some minor issues that it wont have an inbuilt apps like gallery and music app *no heating issues while using * it is better than redmi 3s prime in many ways in camera, in built vibe UI SYSTEM,hd display,sound system and more over Lenovo have more service centers than mi So overall Lenovo k6 is really an kickass phone If u like this review plz hit the like button #suhas.r

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