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আসুস UX305FA-ASM1

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By Digit Desk | আপডেট করা অন 09-Apr-2019
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 14 May, 2015
Official Website : Asus

Key Specifications

  • OS


    windows 8.1 64 bit

  • Display


    13.3" (1920 x 1080)

  • Processor


    Intel Core M-5Y10 | 2 Ghz

  • Memory


    256 GB SSD/8GB DDR3

আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 Price in India: ₹ 54,600 (onwards) Available at Buy now on flipkart Store
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আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 Specs

Basic Information
Model name : Asus UX305FA-ASM1
Launch date (global) : 10/07/2015
অপারেটিং সিস্টেম (সংস্করণের সঙ্গে) : windows 8.1 64 bit
ল্যাপটপের ধরণ : Ultraportable
রেজল্যুশন : 1920 x 1080
প্রদর্শনের সাইজ (ইঞ্চিতে) : 13.3
Display technology : Auto IPS FHD Anti-glare matte display
Wireless connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
সংযোগ : 3 x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI
বৈশিষ্ট্যসমূহ : Built in HD Webcam, Multi media card reader
নির্দেশক ডিভাইস : Touchpad with Multi-touch Gesture Support
অন্তর্ভুক্ত র‍্যাম (জি.বি. তে) : 8
র‍্যামের ধরণ : DDR3
র‍্যামের গতি (এম.এইচ.জেড. তে) : 1600
Physical Specifications
ল্যাপটপের ওজন (কেজিতে) : 1.2
ল্যাপ্টপের মাত্রা (মিমি তে) : 324 x 226 x 12.3
প্রসেসর মডেলের নাম : Intel Core M-5Y10
ঘড়ির গতি : 2 Ghz
আলট্রা - লো ভোল্টেজ (হ্যাঁ অথবা না) : No
গ্রাফিক্স প্রসেসর : Intel HD Graphics 5300
Storage drive type : SSD
Storage drive capacity : 256 GB
ব্যাটারির ব্যাকআপ (ঘণ্টাতে) : 10
ব্যাটারির ধরণ : 3 cell
স্পিকারসমূহ : Stereo Speakers
সাউন্ড প্রযুক্তি : Sonic Master
Warranty And Manufacturer Info
ওয়ার‍্যান্টির দীর্ঘতা : 1 year

আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 Brief Description

আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 ভারতে 14 May, 2015 লঞ্চ করা হয়েছে। ল্যাপটপসমূহ এর স্পেসিফিকেশন সম্পর্কে জানুন। আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 ভারতে পাওয়া যাচ্ছে।

আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 Price In India Starts From Rs.54600 The best price of আসুস UX305FA-ASM1 is Rs.54600 on Flipkart.

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User Reviews of আসুস UX305FA-ASM1

  • Brief about this beast!!
    Deepak Thapliyal on | 01-09-2015

    PROS : # Ultra portable with antiglare panel 1920*1080 resolution unlike rest sub 50k laptops. # SSD not HDDthus boots and copy very fast, no fan & optical drive(make it noiseless) # Around 190 gb space on ssd after upgrading to windows 10 and deleting windows 8 files (manually need to be done), 4 gb ram with above average battery life. CONS : # heats up a bit, touchpad not that well, no backlit keyboard # sound quality and processor average

  • Just Brilliant
    Karthik Raghuraman on | 01-06-2015

    Firstly, to all the people who feel that you are being cheated by Asus because for the same amount of money (or little less), you get double the RAM; try buying it in the US and bringing it here. It is not easy for a laptop manufacturer to sell the same laptop across the world. Even Apple has variation (I have one and I know this for a fact). What exactly are you going to do with a 8GB RAM?? This is not a gaming laptop, it is an ULTRABOOK.Show me ONE "ULTRABOOK" at this price in India and I will take down my review. Coming to the laptop; I bought this for my dad as an anniversary present. I was a little hesitant at first because of the stories I heard about Flipkart. Got the laptop delivered one day ahead of schedule. I have worked very little on this laptop; used it only to set up Norton and MS Office. But while I was using it, it was smooth (the trackpad took some getting used to for ME (because I use a Mac Air and that is just silky smooth). The laptop showed no signs of lag, gave a reported battery life of 11 hours to my dad. EXTREMELY light weight, is supposed to be thinner than the Mac Air but I couldnt really tell the difference. Wake up time is really fast courtesy of the SSD. I would most definitely recommend this ultrabook to any working professional who needs a light laptop. And Asus has been really good to me. This is my 6th Asus buy and not one laptop has disappointed me.

  • Good for nothing more than browsing.
    Ram on | 01-06-2015

    My friend has this and let me tell you right off the bat: This laptop is like the Macbook;Just cheaper. Both are sleek,have a great battery life and suck at everything else. This review will be tiered accordingly. And probably the most detailed review you can find here. Battery Life: This is the only place where UX305 shines. i was able to get almost 6 hours using this(Read: Browsing the internet). Do not get trumped by the 0.8 GHz number This is actually a pro. Clock speeds that low ARE the reason this has such a great battery life. Looks: The laptop looks more like an oversized tablet than it does a laptop. It is incredibly slim and makes quite the looker. As i read in a review "Being this slim this thing can slip right under doors". So if you're looking for a cheaper macbook and not quite having the guts to try MacOS this is the laptop for you. Performance: The laptop,Being new was quick and responsive. Booted up cold in under 10 seconds and from hibernation even a lot faster. Programs load up in a jiffy. But "Quick" doesn't mean "Fast". After using the laptop for a good 2 hours with high bitrate audio in the background,10 tabs on chrome and some files rendering in CC;The laptop started to stutter a bit. the keyboard started to get a little warm. Seemingly the processor was running hot.So much for the fanless design,The laptop started to thermal throttle. Chrome was unresponsive the audio started to stutter. i loaded up HWinfo and the CPU temperatures were at 60 C. And the clock speed was throttled to 0.8 GHz. This is a huge let down as it cannot be rectified. I had to stop the rendering to get the laptop to cool down. Inputs: The track pad was shit. There was a lot of acceleration and deceleration at action points which i HATE. The keyboard was OK at best. Side note: Virtual machines ran fine before being thermal-throttled. So a definite go for programming students. mech students: Don't even think about it.

  • Outstanding Small Light weight Laptop with all specs u need
    Vijay Kanal on | 01-05-2015

    Bought it after reading many reviews on other website too. Been using this laptop for about a week now and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. 1.Laptop has many pros. The most I liked is portability and ultra slim design also not flimsy at all. 2. In configuration you have everything you need 256gb ssd is rare in this price point. Good Build n ultra fast. 3. The amazing battery life is worth it, the speakers are relatively good. Because of its slim size, SSD is spacious and quick, boots in 4 seconds, without much tuning. 4. The 13 full HD (1920x1080) screen has a matte anti-reflection surface which seems effective under common lighting conditions. Cons: power plug in should been on the left side... thats prettty much it.

  • Recommended : Beautifully constructed lightweight Ultrabook
    Manpreet Singh on | 01-05-2015

    Pros: 1.The most significant advantage of this laptop is that it doesn't make any Noise, No fan very silent! Imagine you are using a laptop to present in a quiet room you want it to be as quiet as possible, we all know that a loud fan could ruin your laptop experience. 2. SSD fasts startup time, like 5 second, CPU is Surprisingly powerful like an i7 !!! 3. World's Most slimmest Laptop, Beautiful screen 13.3 is the right size .Feels very robust and solid notebook, perfect for Travel. 4. Very power efficient (About 7 hours watching Youtube on WiFi ) Plays1080p video exceptionally well.

  • only 4 GB RAM, Asus SERIOUSLY ?
    mohit rana on | 01-05-2015

    this laptop got rave reviews on many sites for giving awesome configuration at such an affordable price in the US, that configuration was 256 GB ssd + 8 GB ram for 699 $. but in india asus decided to reduce the ram to 4 GB and increase the price at the same time. I understand prices needed to be high due to additional taxes in india but why only 4 GB RAM, Why Asus Why ??? on top of that RAM in these ultrabooks is non- upgradable, and even in the present scenario ram usage is crossing 4 GB with a bunch of tabs open in chrome I wonder what will happen in future ? 4 GB RAM is a serious handicap to otherwise awesome computer, it almosts has the same specs as apple 97 k macbook barring the RAM. Why asus I fail to comprehend such discrimination towards india ? The least asus could have done is offer a more expensive 8GB model. I would seriously advise all buyers to ask asus to get 8 GB Ram model and till then boycott asus for lauching second grade specification pc in india and demanding full price. Shame on you asus just for saving a few bucks you crippled this laptop. I hoped it to be my next pc but no more , such a disappointment.

  • Core M going mainstream
    Saurabh Majumdar on | 01-05-2015

    The 5th Gen Core branding may be a bit misleading for some people considering that this one comes from the low TDP "Y" series lineage and isn't a successor to the regular "i" line-up. However, Core M isn't a slouch by any means, though definitely not a power house. It also isn't the top Core M variant but then there isn't too much of a performance difference between them. As a fanless processor, it is known to get really hot and hence not ideal for lap use. The flip side to this is the enhanced battery life which is what you'd really want for casual usage like surfing and watching movies. Some may fault Asus for trying to imitate Apple but that ensures good looks and build quality on its own. Those astounded by the resolution should know that it is not the most colour accurate and the high pixel count definitely hits the performance of applications running at its native resolution. The SSD is a big plus and 4 GB RAM should be enough for Windows to chug along. The speakers aren't much to speak of in spite of the MaxxAudio branding but should be good enough when watching the odd videos. The keyboard lacks backlighting which is a huge bummer. All in all, it is the most bang-for-the-buck ultraportable you can find. Weight matters a lot for portability and Asus delivers on that front. All the other specs are simply good enough to get the job done without any complaints. This is the price point at which one can finally see the Core M going mainstream. Tablets like the Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 with the same processor are finally touching the $500 price point in the US, making them comparable in pricing to tablets like Surface 3 that come with the Atom x7. So, it isn't really a surprise to finally see a Core M product land in India at less than 50k, though this one retails for $699 in the US with 8GB RAM. Bottom Line: The most VFM ultraportable. Look at other options if you are really looking for a workhorse laptop. Edit: Flipkart later changed the display from QHD+ to FHD and also removed the reference to the touch screen which I had assumed to be a mistake from the beginning. Also, they still have "Pentium Dual Core" mentioned in key features. An unprofessional effort by Flipkart as it indicates a blind copy-paste from the Asus website without checking the product itself. I would revise my rating to about 3.5 if only I could knock half a star off the rating system.

  • Most Beautiful, light weight Ultrabook on Intel platform
    Deepak Dhake on | 01-05-2015

    ASUS UX305 is the most slimmest note book I ever saw. With the Lithium polymer battery its able to give me 10 Hours which made this the most energy efficient ultra-book. 13.3-inch ultrabook at 12.3mm thickness and weighs just 1.2kg and features an IPS anti-glare panel display with 1920x1280p (Full-HD) resolution. Best for me Thank you ASUS.

  • great laptop for light users, not so for others; choose wisely.
    Nita Simon on | 01-05-2015

    to the reviewer above: Its not really the competitor to Macbook air. its in the same class as the new "macbook". For one, it uses the intel core-M, clocked at 800MHz (a bit risky if you ask me, I think even my phone is clocked at a higher speed). Overall a great laptop if portability is your major concern and if you won't be running any heavy applications/do a lot of multi tasking. the battery life is great and the matte screen gives less glare when used out in the sunlight. Also I absolutely love the design. :D

  • Looks very promising
    Kushal Thakkar on | 01-05-2015

    First worthy competitor to the macbook air, in fact much cheaper for the specs...portable, ultralight and a great design.

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