The new Apple TV leaks out: to be priced at $99 & possibly offer access to App Store

Published Date
31 - May - 2010
| Last Updated
31 - May - 2010
The new Apple TV leaks out: to be priced at $99 & possibly offer...

Apple TV

Another leak, and the start of another month in Apple’s 2010: the next iteration of Apple TVWhere to buy 6067. You might wonder at the timing, how the information is out almost exactly a week after the announcement of Google TV. But reportedly, Apple has been working on this version of Apple TV for a long time now - and it sure looks worthy of a second glance.

The biggest news is that the ‘set-top box’ for Apple TVWhere to buy 6067 will be based completely on the iPhone 4G’s design, so much so that it has been termed an iPhone without the screen. It will have the exact same A4 CPU, the same OS, and the same 16GB storage. The main difference is that the device can put out full 1080p HD video. As to the streaming ability, it is believed that Apple will be offering cloud storageWhere to buy 37464 to the users, with instant-on 1080pWhere to buy 10672 690 1718. The leak also revealed how the device will look, diminutive with and with just two ports: a power in and video out. All this at $99!

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal