Sennheiser India intros three Adidas Originals headphones for the festive season

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23 - Sep - 2011
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23 - Sep - 2011
Sennheiser India intros three Adidas Originals headphones for the...

Sennheiser Electronics India has launched three new headphones for the Indian festive season, two streetwear models for consumers – HD 220 and CX 310 – and one premium model for audio professionals and DJs – HD 25, with rotatable capsules for one-ear listening.

All three headphones have been launched in collaboration with Adidas Originals. According to the press release, the “trefoil brand” has been “linked to the music scene for a long time and is connected uniquely to the beginnings of Hip Hop in the 1980s.” What this means here is that famous trefoil design of the brand, and/or its current three-stripes Originals avatar, will feature prominently onboard, making the headphones even more appealing to sports fans, hip hoppers, and the general youth.

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HD 25

HD 220

CX 310

Speaking on the launch of the three headphones, Sennheiser India’s Kapil Gulati said:

“The new range offers a perfect blend of elegant style and superior technology with excellent features for music lovers this festive season. We wanted to offer something special to our consumers this festive season and the new range would be an ideal collection for consumers who consider music in good sound as an integral part of their lifestyle.”


Find the pricing details of the three Sennheiser headphones below, which are available in major electronic retail and large-format stores across the country. For more details about the Sennheiser/Adidas Originals headphones, refer to the Sennheiser India site.

  • HD 220 Originals – Rs. 3,490
  • CX 310 Originals – Rs. 3,490
  • HD 25 Originals – Rs. 16,990

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