Intel's remote control technology uses sensors to censor, and more

Published Date
13 - Jul - 2010
| Last Updated
13 - Jul - 2010
Intel's remote control technology uses sensors to censor, and mor...

Parental control is apparently just the beginning, with Intel Labs’ new Remote Controller system, which identifies users based on the way they hold and operate the remote control. The new system was tested on an ordinary TV remote that was modified with sensors, including an accelerometer. The remote needs to be familiarized with each user before it can get an accurate reading, and so, it asks users to identify themselves once in five sessions, with their personal identification numbers.

By taking accelerometer readings every 100 nanoseconds, the user-identification system on the remote will learn to identify unique mannerisms of each user. Right now, accuracy rates are between 60 and 90%, a far cry from perfection. Expect the technology to improve, but if other data is not extracted from other sensors to fine-tune the process of recognition, you can expect the system to be fooled by some random arm swinging.

While the uses of the technology are not limited to just television remote controls, researchers envision parental control to be just one of the applications, others including delivery of user-specific content and advertising.

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal