Infinix Quiet X

Infinix Quiet X

    Infinix Quiet X Price in India

  • 8999/-

Infinix Quiet X Brief Description

The Infinix Quiet X wireless active noise cancelling over-ear headphones promise to offer a lot, and make a good start with impressive build quality, battery life and acceptable comfort. However, it stutters in terms of performance - lack of clarity and refinement in bass, attenuated mids taking the onus away from the high frequency performance and soundstaging. What makes it even more difficult to justify is its faltering noise cancellation performance, which is its USP.

If you must buy a pair of ANC headphones but do not have enough budget for one, the Infinix Quiet X is pretty much your only choice at the moment. However, seeing that it fails in core audio performance and noise cancellation, it is difficult to recommend in a market that has stronger contenders from Sennheiser, Plantronics, Audio-Technica, Marshall and others.

Infinix Quiet X Specification

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