Google TV gets an updated YouTube app

Published Date
13 - Feb - 2012
| Last Updated
13 - Feb - 2012
Google TV gets an updated YouTube app

Google will being releasing a YouTube update for Google TVWhere to buy 14490 18990 over the next few days, which apart from improved performance and new ways of interacting with the YouTube community, will help users discover content.

The new Google TV YouTube app can be updated via the Android Market. The biggest new feature is Discover, which helps users find specific channels with greater ease, across categories and genres. New channel pages have also been added, allowing users to navigate playlists and videos faster, and subscribe to channels.

The playlist interface has also been improved, with users able to see related videos and more videos from the same user by simply pressing the up or down arrows on their Google TVWhere to buy 14490 18990 remotes. A new video Info screen has been added to help interact with the content, where users can thumb rate the video, add it to their playlists, view or leave a comment.

Stay tuned to the Google TVWhere to buy 14490 18990 Google page to see exactly when the updated app becomes available on the Android Market.

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