Dell S300W - wireless 3D capable short range projector - debut release

Published Date
19 - Mar - 2010
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19 - Mar - 2010
Dell S300W – wireless 3D capable short range projector – debut re...


The DELL S300W is designed to specialize in projection of presentations with the ability to produce images of size 90-inch at a resolution of 720p from a projection distance of three feet or a 60-inch image from two feet distance. It also comprises of twin capabilities of both wireless and ‘plug & play via USB’ connectivity.




S300W is also bundled with Crestron RoomView Express software to enable remote access and monitoring along with modest overall specifications, including 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, a 2,400:1 contrast ratio and 3D image rendering capability. It is competitively priced at $999 ~ Rs.45, 743.


Specifications Summary:
Image resolution – 720p
Max Image Size @ 3 feet – 90 inches
Max Image Size @ 2 feet – 60 inches
Connectivity – ‘Wireless’ and ‘USB - plug & play’
Crestron RoomView Express software – Remote access and monitoring
2200 ANSI lumens of brightness
2,400 : 1 contrast ratio
3D image rendering capability
Retail Price: $999 or Rs.45, 743

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